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FAQ Friday: What is the Secret Slimmers Group and how do I join? | VLCD

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FAQ Friday: with Ellie and Lisa
What is the Secret Slimmers Group and how do I join? | VLCD


Rather than me record a video for this I thought I would show you the faces being the awesome power that is Secret Slimmers!! Lisa and Ellie are the ones who are there round the clock to keep you motivated and driven. I will leave it to them to explain what the group is and how it works.

We’ll support you on your weight loss journey

As a team we are passionate about helping you achieve your goals, but as a family we are unstoppable at being the wind beneath each others wings. That is what this group is all about. Being around like minded people, while at the same time not even having to tell your best friend that you are on the diet.  When you can share the highs and lows of this amazing journey with a group of people who are going through exactly the same thing it makes it even more special.

Everyone in New You Plan Secret Slimmers is there for the same reason as you, to lose weight and stick to total food replacement.  Everyone cheers everyone else on, celebrates the success of others, and helps and encourages those who are having a hard time.  Through the highs and lows, successes and struggles, you will find support, encouragement and a lot of laughs along the way.

New You Plan Secret Slimmers group is on Facebook

Which means that anytime you log in, you will find other people are available to chat to, ask questions, and share your journey.  The group is totally secret, so none of your friends and family will be able to see anything you post or like in this group.  It is because the group is secret, it is so active, as everyone feels able to be themselves and chat away without fear of what other people might think about them on a diet.

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If you are a New You Plan customer then you are eligible to join the Secret Slimmers group, here’s the instructions on how to join and some key rules for you to agree with.

1) You need to place an order from The New You Plan first.
2) You need to be friends with this friend profile –
3) You need to send a private message to the above profile to say you are a customer and that you want in to secret slimmers
4) Once we confirm that you are a customer you will be added to the New You Plan Secret Slimmers group
5) We want to keep the group focused on Total Food Replacement – so you have to agree to chat being “Food Free” – we have another group called New You Plan Momentum Maintainers that you can talk about refeed and maintaining in.
6) All diets are full of highs and lows – but we want to keep this group a place of positive inspiration, support and encouragement.


Kind regards

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