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FAQ Friday: How do I keep my skin firm during weight loss? | VLCD

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FAQ Friday: with Grant
How do I keep my skin firm during weight loss? | VLCD

Keeping Skin firm on a VLCD

I often have customers raise query’s about excess skin when they lose weight and they all want to know how to keep their skin firm during weight loss. The good news here is you can take steps to help ensure that your skin does remain as firm as possible during your transformation.

Ways to do this:

1) On any VLCD programme it is advised you drink 2.4 – 4 litres of water spaced throughout the day. This not only aids weight loss and flushes impurities out of your body, but it also helps keep your skin hydrated which means it retains its elasticity which is key to keeping skin firm during weight loss.

2) Exercise: we do say that part of the benefit of a VLCD programme is that you do not have to undertake a strenuous exercise routine to lose weight. However if you take up some form of resistance training to help maintain muscle mass this will help maintain shape while you lose body fat. Toning and defining your shape will help keep your skin firm during weight loss as a direct result. Remember if you are gaining muscle this weighs more than fat so it not all about the scales here! Pay attention to the inches on your waist and take photos they will help show you just how things are changing.

3) Our products are nutritionally complete which means they contain all the nutrients that you need to remain healthy on the plan. This means that with 4 packs of TFR products a day you will get 100% of your vitamin A allowance which is important in maintenance and repair of your skin! Bonus you don’t even have to do anything here 🙂

4) It is recommended that you exfoliate your skin daily to help promote circulation, in the process you will remove dead skin cells while at the same time you will strengthen and firm skin tissue. Use Either a Loofah, body brush or exfoliating gloves to do this and if you do this it is really recommended that you follow step 5 below…

5) Apply a skin-tightening lotion to help keep your skin firm, smooth and tight while you shred through the lbs on our VLCD. A popular article regarding this suggests that you should look for products containing the following ingredients – collagen, shea butter, aloe vera, emu and jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and omega 3 complex.

I hope this helps and please do feel free to leave me any questions you have regarding the plan so I can make sure that these are picked up and answered for you as soon as possible.

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Kind regards

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3 Responses

  1. Barbara fyfe says:

    Thanks for that info Grant . Palmer skin tightening cream is meant to be great . Not expensive & a lot of supermarkets & chemist supply it . Anyone else have any other ideas on products xx

    • Grant Grant says:

      Thanks for the feedback 🙂 I really appreciate your support and advice. I am sure this is one of the more specific questions I would have been asked so it is great to know!! 🙂

  2. Gina Lawlor says:

    Hi Grant,

    Thank you so much for this Q & A. You have just answered my question regarding loose skin. As I am only 5 ft tall and lost 3 stone already in 12 weeks, the skin on my legs especially is quite loose and flabby. I will get the tightening cream as you suggested , drink water, use loofah. But one more query, I drink coffee and love it, just wondering I have heard that coffee dehydrates skin, would my cuppa affect my skin now too?

    Would hope I can have a cup of coffee as this I really love. Would appreciate any advise here on this.

    Keep up the good work,