The Best of New You 2011

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2011 seen the launch of the New You Blog, and we are excited about growing our blog and helping people to get motivated and stay inspired to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle!

In review of 2011 on the new you diet blog here are some of our most favourite posts! Enjoy…

How Your Favourite Things Can Make You Slim

In this post the focus is to help you look at your time on your diet as a time of exciting transformation rather than a time of deprivation, and to look at improving the quality of your life by adding more and doing more of the things you love!  The more things you have in your life that make you feel good, the happier you will be, and the less you will need to turn to food for comfort.  Click here to read this post.


Going on a diet? Why you need to zip it…

When we make the decision to go on a diet you can feel inspired and excited and start sharing your goals with everyone, this is not always a good thing to do! In this post we look at why sometimes when you are going to start a diet it is better for you not to tell people.  Click here to read this post.


TEST: How does being overweight impact the quality of your life?

Being overweight is frustrating on so many levels, sometimes it is easier for us to stick our heads in the sand and not really face facts about how our weight is holding us back from living the life we truly desire and deserve.  In this post, you get the opportunity to review all the key areas of your life including; relationships, health, career, social life etc. and then think about how your weight is holding you back in each area.  The more reasons you have to lose weight the easier it is to stick to your goals and be determined.  Click here to read this post.


Comfort For When You Feel Too Fat

When you have a lot of weight to lose it can feel overwhelming to say the least.  The mountain seems too high, and the will to get to the top and succeed is hard to find.  This post has been written to help you take a fresh approach, and look at your journey day by day, always asking yourself the question ~ “Am I better today than I was yesterday?”  When you take it day by day and enjoy the process then you will soon find that in 1 or 2 seasons you will be in your element and living the life of your dreams.  Click here to read this post.

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