TEST: How does your weight impact the quality of your life?

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Being overweight can impact almost every area of our life.

Simply because being overweight is who we are, and it is hard to not let it impact us!

We can get good at masking how our weight is impacting our life, but when we really think about how it is impacting each area then it can help us to find the motivation to get started, and also keep that motivation to stay on track and get to your goal.

How does being overweight impact your life?

Download the New You Wheel of Life and take the test now.

When you read this article, ensure you download the test and write down your unique personal answers and give your self a score.  It is a good idea to complete this exercise every month, so you can see how the quality of your life is being improved as your waistline shrinks.

If you do have a lot of negative emotion related to these areas then that is a good thing, because you can use this emotion to drive you to take action, and take control of you life and health.


If you are single, then being overweight might upset your confidence in the dating scene, maybe you don’t even want to get out there and meet someone because you feel too embarrassed about your size….

If you are married then maybe your weight is also affecting your relationship in regards to intimacy, romance, date nights, holidays and social life.

Only you know how your weight is impacting the romance in your life…  it is good to get clear on this, because you only have one life, and you want to make the most of it!

Fun / Social Life:

The post arrives…

There is a fancy dancy envelope…

You open it and it is a wedding invitation…

Your heart sinks </3….

If the first thought that comes into your head when you get an invitation to a special event is your weight then you know it is time to do something about.

Shopping for nice outfits can also be a frustrating and heartbreaking experience.

Maybe your weight impacts when you travel, like feeling uncomfortable on planes or maybe going to the beach might not be fun if you feel too big.

Again only you know how your size is impacting the amount of fun you are experiencing in your life right now.

People say that dieting is no fun, eating healthy is no fun… well it isn’t much fun when you feel to overweight to enjoy life either!


Maybe your weight impacts your job, career, business…

Does being overweight make it hard for you to physically do your job?

Do you think being overweight effects your confidence in job interviews?

Do you think people might make a different impression of you because you are overweight? (It might not be right, but that does not mean it does not happen.)

Do you dread going to business meetings or sales appointments because your clothes are too tight and you feel uncomfortable?


Being overweight is one of the biggest risk factors to ill health.

Maybe you can notice how your weight is impacting your health and fitness now?

Are you unfit? Do you have cholesterol or blood pressure problems?

Losing weight, and staying slim and trim is crucial to your long term health and wellbeing.

Get clear on how your size is impacting your health now, and also on the problems that could be in store for you in the future.

You need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.   Doing  Total Food Replacement can be used as a springboard to a healthy new you.  Giving you time to change new habits and detox your mind and body.

It is important that your BMI is over 25 and that you have NO health problems to do Total Food Replacement.  You should always contact your doctor before starting, and get your blood pressure checked every 4 weeks.

Personal Development

Maybe you feel that being overweight is holding you back as a person?

Are you being the type of person that you really want to be?

Are you patient, kind, understanding, loving, helpful, giving, friendly, open, honest, loyal…. if your weight builds up a lot of negative emotion inside you then this might hold you back from being the person you want to be.

Let go of the negative emotion, take action to take control of your health, body and emotions… and soon your life will accelerate on every level.

Friends / Family

How does being overweight impact your relationships with your friends and family?

Do you hold back going to social events and sharing the fun with your friends and family?

Can you not keep up with your kids when you are playing outside?

Are you so tired by tea time that you just lie on the sofa and dont spend any quality time with your friends and family?

Are you setting a good example to children on how to live a healthy lifestyle?

Do you feel jealous of your slim friends?

Your emotions will be unique to you, these are just to probe your mind to get you thinking about how your weight is impacting the relationships you have with your friends and family.  Again, get clear… and take action!


If you were slimmer how would this impact your environment?

By environment we mean, home, car, and clothes.

Is there any thing in the home that would be easier for you to do if you where slimmer?

How would you sleep in your bed? How would it be taking a bath or shower?

Would you have more photographs of you and your friends and family on the walls?

What clothes would be in your wardrobe?  What shoes would you wear?

What food would be in your fridge?

What car would you drive?

Your environment is all around you… how more enjoyable would your life be if you were slim?


When we take control of our body, food, diet, exercise… this is a powerful thing to do!  And can inspire you to take action and take more control of your finances too.

How can your weight impact your finances?

Health insurance? Medical issues? Life assurance?

It may also hold you back in your business or career and this could impact how much money you are able to bring into your home.


By taking control of your weight and health you will soon find that your life improves on every level.  It is a good idea to keep this score, and re do the exercise every month.  When you realise how much your weight is impacting every area of your life, this will give you more motivation not to slip back into old habits after you finish Total Food replacement.

Download the New You Wheel of Life and take the test now.



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