Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 5

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 5 Hey Everyone Welcome to My Day 5, I cannot believe I am on Day 5 already! WOOHOO! When you keep busy and have your days planned you just seem to fly through it (obviously with a few little hitches)! I am really surprised I have got through this far sooo easily. Must be really

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 4

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 4 Ellie Day 4 Welcome to My Day 4, Thank you so much for following and supporting me on my New You Journey. I have worked with New You for around 9 months now and I truly enjoyed my job, supporting others and being a part of such a unique community. However in a way

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 3

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 3 Ellie day three Hey 🙂 Welcome to my Day 3 of my Journey. I firstly just want to thank absolutely everyone who is reading, watching and commenting on my journey… I cannot express enough how much it means to me. I am so overwhelmed by the support and it really is making me wake

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 2

Ellie’s VLCD Blog – Day 2 Ellie Day 2 Welcome Back, Thank you all for joining me on Day 2 of my New You Journey! As you can see on my Day 1 I recorded my weighins for you all to see, worked out my BMI, my measurements have all been taken and I have started to fill in my

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