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How to Lose Weight Fast & Stop The Bad Habits That Keep You Overweight

How to Lose Weight Fast & Stop The Bad Habits That Keep You Overweight

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I love Total Food Replacement because when you are 100% on the diet plan that is when the Magic happens; You Lose Weight Fast and Stop The Bad Habits That Keep You Overweight.

julzselfieIt takes 21 days to form a new habit and break an old habit.  21 Days on total food replacement will help you to Stop The Bad Habits That Keep You Overweight, you see amazing changes in your body and clothes get too big for you.  The old thoughts, habits and behaviours that have held you back for so long, have no more power over you.  You Feel Free!  Like a New Person, with new healthy thoughts and habits and a desire to live a new healthy way!

When you do total food replacement you go through an intensive bootcamp in creating new empowering habits and breaking down old habits that have been holding you back.  Once you commit mentally to 100%, then you suddenly become aware of how many times you think about food, and how many times you mindlessly eat without thinking.

Being able to Stop The Bad Habits That Keep You Overweight is hard to do; but if you really want to break free from the feeling of being overweight and how that is impacting your life, then you need to stick to your guns and do total food replacement for 21 days straight.

detox-quotes-3This is why the first few weeks of total food replacement can be both so freaking hard and so freaking liberating at the same time!

  • Breaking down the old.  Leaving behind the negative thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back and keeping you feeling stuck.
  • Creating the New.  Building in new empowering thoughts and behaviours that are bringing you closer to where you really want to be and are in aline with your true self.

When you commit to 100% Total Food Replacement with The New You Plan you wont just lose weight fast; you can build in a whole new way of thinking and behaviours.

When you hear people talking about doing 10 Weeks of Total Food Replacement, and every time you try, you can’t get passed day 5, it can seem like… “How on earth do these people do this?!?!” The reason they can do it, is because they got to day 21 100%.  And the way you get to day 21 100%, is by taking it ONE. DAY. AT. A. TIME.  One day at a time you can do anything.

Can you be 100% today?


YES YOU CAN.  Of course you can! And the more you do it, the easier it becomes, especially when you get into ketosis.

According to Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit,” habits are not born, but created. Every bad, good or insignificant habit starts with a psychological pattern called a “habit loop.”

The “habit loop” is a three-part process.

  1. The first step is the trigger that tells your brain to start a certain behaviour.
  2. The second step is the behaviour itself, or the routine it creates.
  3. The third step is the reward, or “something that your brain likes that helps it remember the ‘habit loop’ in the future.”

Once we’ve formed habits, they are hard to break because, many times, we forget we’re doing them. Because of the habit loop, we are able to do other things without thinking about our habit.

  • We will be cooking the kids their dinner, and automagically pop a chicken nugget into our mouth without even thinking about it!
  • We could get a phone call or read a facebook post that causes us stress, and just walk over and open the fridge door without even thinking about it!
  • We could have a stressful day at work, plop ourselves infront of the telly with a cup of tea and eat half a packet of biscuits without thinking about it!
  • We could hear the sound of the X-factor theme music on TV on a Saturday night and trigger a take away and a bottle of wine without even thinking about it!

We become slaves to our habits. They hold us back and some have the power to control our lives, health and happiness.

The great news is that when you follow total food replacement for just 21 days, everything becomes easier because you BREAK THE HABIT LOOP that is holding you back and you start to CREATE A NEW HABIT LOOP THAT EMPOWERS YOU.

You become aware of how you have been holding yourself back.  You become aware of how you need to be your own best friend and be mindful of how you think, speak, eat, drink and act.

one-day-at-a-time-quotes-4Total Food Replacement for 21 Days is the biggest gift you can give yourself.

The benefits are so much more than just fast weight loss, it really is the springboard to a whole new you, a healthier, happier, person; inside and out!

Are you ready to create your New You in 21 days?

Think of all the reasons why you have stopped yourself from losing weight this year?

What are the reasons/excuses/fears/habits/thinking/beliefs that are holding you back?

Doing total food replacement doesn’t just get rid of your body fat it gets rid of the bullsh*t story that you are telling yourself as to why you cannot do this.

Commit to 21 days… take it day at a time, and start to tell yourself a new story, and form new habits, and start to reveal your new you.


This is my screen saver on my mobile phone, because I always like to remind myself that I am capable of more than I know! We are all capable to change our habits; we can all swap the bad habits that are holding us back, for good habits that will empower us and make us healthy happy!  Day at a time we can achieve anything!  Set a goal to stick to total food replacement for 21 days in a row and see what amazing change you can make to your habits and your weight loss.


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