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[Julz’s Journal] 7 Steps To Stop Being Stuck In A Diet Rut

[Julz’s Journal] 7 Steps To Stop Being Stuck In A Diet Rut

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Diet rut

Are you stuck in a diet rut? Check out our 7 steps to help you make a breakthrough with your diet, helping you succeed on your journey.

Losing weight can be painful, especially when you keep losing the same stone, over and over again. It is soul destroying and feels like you are in a vicious circle.

Today’s message is for you if you can’t break through a certain weight loss barrier and you feel stuck in a diet rut. I know it hurts, but I also know we can change that. No more ouchies 😉 ok? Read this blog and let’s make this a super week together!

Overweight and under dressed…

Can you relate to this?

I can.

I was out shopping with a good friend a few weeks ago. She had recently been to an event, and she said she felt awful. When she looked around, everyone was dressed really nice, and she felt that she was very under dressed. This led to her feeling frumpy and a bit down about her appearance… her exact words to me were “I felt overweight and under dressed.”

She realised that since she had gone up a size or two, she hadn’t bought any nice new clothes, because she didn’t want to waste her money on good quality clothes when she fully intended to lose weight… next month…

The problem is that she had been saying she was going to lose weight next month for maybe 2 years now. And in the process of always putting off investing in her wardrobe, she had slowly but surely lost her sense of style.

This got me thinking…

This whole situation is CATCH 22

We get used to not looking our best, and that is what stops us from being our best or believing that we can change and improve how we look and feel. We have spent so long, feeling overweight and under dressed that we forget what it feels like to feel slim and stylish.  

Diet rut

I think this is a problem for so many of us, myself included! Well it does not have to be… not anymore. We can change this, and I want us to change it TODAY! 

Here is the problem… We are not motivated to lose weight, because we are stuck in a rut. It has been so long since we looked in the mirror and felt good about our reflection and style that we have kind of lost that buzz. We cannot even remember it, and think it might be gone forever. Plus, add on a few wrinkles, stretch marks, and grey hairs… and well, overall we think: “What’s the point? I am never going to look good again anyway…. 🙁 “

Losing that same stone, over and over again, is soul destroying.

It reminds me of the analogy of the flea in a glass jar…. do you know it??

A flea can jump REALLY high!!

When placed in a glass jar with a lid on it, it will keep trying to jump and keep whacking its head…




Eventually the flea gives up trying to jump so high.

In fact it only jumps to the height right below the lid so it will not bang its head.

When the lid is removed from the jar, the flea still jumps to the same height….

Even though it can jump high and escape and be free…

It has conditioned itself to think that this is all the height it can jump.

Can you see how this story relates to your weight loss?? At what point do you keep stopping yourself?

Diet rut

So let me ask you this: What is your perceived weight that you cannot break through?

  • What weight loss barrier do you need to break through to FEEL FREE?
  • What weight loss barrier do you need to break through to FEEL THAT BUZZ?
  • What weight loss barrier do you need to break through to FEEL PROUD?

This barrier is NOT physical.

This barrier is mental.

You need to make yourself accountable that YOU WILL BREAK THROUGH YOUR WEIGHT BARRIER!!

So how can we break through this MENTAL BARRIER? 

Diet rut

Here are my 7 Steps To Stop Being Stuck In A Diet Rut

1.) DECIDE: Decide that you want to break through your barrier. Is it getting into the next stone bracket, or the next size of jeans down? Decide what you want to achieve and have tunnel vision on this goal.

2.) COMMIT: Commit to paying the price and making the sacrifice to make it happen. You are going to have to drink water. You’re going to have to skip the cream in your coffee. You’ll say no when the family orders a takeaway. You need to pay the price of breaking this barrier down. If you do not pay the price of breaking through the barrier, then you are going to have to pay the price of living behind the barrier. There is always a price to pay. You cannot escape paying the price, but you do have a choice on what price you pay? The price of discipline, or the price of regret.

3.) VISUALISE: Visualise yourself looking great, connect with this vision so much, that you can feel the pride stir up inside you. Create vision boards, search through fashion websites and find outfits that you would LOVE to be wearing.

Imagine going to work, meeting friends, going on a date night, going on holiday. Whatever stirs up the most positive emotion inside you, use it! If it has been many years since you have experienced being slim, or maybe this is something you have yet to experience, just know in your heart that YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THIS, and practice, practice practice visualising yourself.

The harder it is for you to visualise the more important it is for you to do it!  What the mind can conceive, you can achieve!

Diet rut

4.) PERSONAL MANTRA: Create your personal mantra! Come up with an affirmation that you can repeat to yourself daily that inspires you.

For example….“This is my time, it is now or never, I am stepping into a vision of who I want to be, healthy, happy and proud!”

Create an affirmation that is personal to you, put it on your phone, on a post-it note on your mirror and look at it every morning and every night. When you feel tempted, repeat this mantra and reconnect with your vision and your willingness to pay the price of discipline and not regret.

5.) TAKE ACTION: Take action to get started, and have an action plan that you will follow, be organised and be prepared. Commit to 100% Total Food Replacement. Not 99% or 80%. You have tried that before. Commit to 100% at least until you break through your barrier. Remember to come up with an action plan that will work. If you have been struggling for months on end, you need a new action plan. Call us if you want help with this!

6.) BE CONGRUENT: Be congruent and make the commitment to yourself that you will be at peace within yourself, that what you think, say and do will all be aligned with your goal of being slim and healthy and breaking through your barrier.

Diet rut

When a thought enters your mind that will weaken your determination, replace it immediately with your personal mantra that will empower you. Only speak words about yourself that you want to come true. Only speak words of empowerment and love. Let all your actions take you closer to your goal. Decide that not only are you going to break through your goal, you are going to do it with ease and with joy in your heart. <3 When you are congruent, when everything you think, say and do is in harmony, this is when you experience true happiness and you will feel unstoppable.

7.) USE MOMENTUM: Build Momentum and do not lose it. When you break through your first barrier use that momentum to carry on! Set a new goal, and with your increased sense of confidence and healthy habits and mindset you will make it to your ultimate goal.

Do not lose your momentum. Your momentum is your flying carpet to all your dreams of being slim and healthy. When you are on a roll, stay on track. Nothing or no one is worth losing your momentum for. With momentum, you can go anywhere!

Break down your barriers, one by one!









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