Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

“Be willing to be uncomfortable. Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough, but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream.” ~ Peter McWilliams When I feel overweight I feel uncomfortable.  Most people I talk to agree, and say they feel uncomfortable when they are overweight, especially when clothes are too tight, and especially when you have […]

Are your weight loss efforts not getting any results?*

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee Are your weight loss efforts not getting any results?  Don’t worry, you are closer than you think, and it is totally NORMAL that nobody notices… YET. 😉 Weight loss is one of those things that when you get started it can take a while before anyone notices. The first few […]

More Monday Weigh Ins!*

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee New You Secret Slimmers is a brilliant place to be, especially on a Monday!  As Monday is the most popular day of the week for people to start a diet, it then ends up being the most popular day of the week for weigh ins!  Secret Slimmers is a group […]

Week 10 & 11 Weigh In: Down 5.5 pounds!*

*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee. Hi everyone! Well I have a bit of an update for you as I didn’t blog about my weight loss journey last week, so this week I am reporting week 10 and week 11 weigh ins. Last week for a few days I just didn’t feel that great, partly due to feeling […]

March Madness! Massive Savings on 100 & 200 Bundle!

Woohooo! What a weekend! It really is MARCH MADNESS! St. Patrick’s Day Mother’s Day Bank Holiday! Yeooo!! So to celebrate this amazing March Madness weekend we have put together a special party with massive discounts on the 100 & 200 Bundle on our website. 100 Bundle – get an extra £17 / €20 off. 200 Bundle – get an extra […]

What do you choose? Chinese or TFR Diet Shake?

When you are on a TFR or VLCD diet, it can feel that you are constantly having to make hard choices…. Friday night…. Chinese or a TFR Diet Shake? Saturday morning…. Fried Breakfast or a TFR Diet Shake? Sunday lunch… Carvery Lunch or a TFR Diet Shake? Monday lunch… Cheese Baguette or a TFR Diet Shake? Now obviously New You TFR Diet […]

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