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March is here, and thankfully Spring arrives this month and the clocks spring forward. I think we are all ready for some warmer weather and sunshine! I glad we have a new month to refocus on our goals.


March is the perfect month to get back on track with your goals and dreams for 2020. It happens quite a lot that people start off strong, then have a wobble, and then what happens NEXT, determines how the year goes.

You can let a wobble derail you or you can re-focus and get back on track. Re-connect with your mission for what you want to achieve in 2020 and give MARCH 100%.


I always find it super motivating to look ahead to different milestones in the year. The next 2 milestone dates that I am focusing on are;

20th March – The 1st Day of Spring is 3 weeks away.

12 April – Easter Sunday is 6 weeks away.

6 weeks is not a long amount of time, but the changes that you can achieve on our total food replacement plan can make a big difference to your health, body, and confidence.

Many of our customers have lost 1.5-2 stone in 6 weeks. That is 1-2 jean sizes and a massive improvement in your health and wellbeing, in JUST 6 WEEKS!

Are you ready for a MARCH MISSION?

If you can give everything you have got for the month of march to your mission to transform yourself in 2020, you will achieve enough results that your whole year will change.

If you keep on doing, what you have always done, you will keep on getting the same results. If you want to achieve a MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION, then it takes MASSIVE COMMITMENT.

You have to dig deep and really want to make it happen. It has to be a burning desire that makes you feel inspired and motivated every time you think about it.

Are you ready for a MARCH MISSION?

Come and join us this month in secret slimmers, where we can all support each other to stay on track with the plan and our goals.

Much Love,

Julz xox

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