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Jennifer Reveals How she Lost 3 Stone & Won £750!

Jennifer Reveals How she Lost 3 Stone & Won £750!

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Jennifer lost 3 stone and won second place in our spring/summer Transformation Challenge. Jennifer had entered the challenge before so didn’t think she’d win. So it came as a surprise when the New You team called her. We interviewed Jennifer to find out about her journey and to see if she had any advice or tips to offer.



New You: Hi Jennifer, congratulations on your win. Can you tell us how much you’ve lost on the New You Plan and how long it’s taken you? 

Jennifer: I have lost 3 stone in total. I started in January and I have maintained since June, but I would like to drop another stone. Currently, I am being sensible due to family events and pacing myself as far as eating goes.


New You: Did you ever think you would win the Transformation Challenge when you entered? And how did you feel when you got the news? 

Jennifer: No, I didn’t think I would win! I have entered before and there are so many people posting in the group with really big losses, but I just thought if you aren’t in you can’t win. Then when you called me, I couldn’t believe it!


New You Plan: That’s the great thing about the challenge, everyone has a chance to win as it’s not judged on the total loss. Out of interest, how much did you lose during the Transformation Challenge period? 

Jennifer: I was actually maintaining my weight loss throughout the challenge period. 

Jennifer won £750 after losing 3 stone

Discovering New You

New You Plan: That’s fantastic. How did you discover The New You Plan? 

Jennifer: I found the Plan online on Instagram. I was at the stage where I was fed up with my weight. All the success stories really helped me, and being based in Northern Ireland felt more relatable to me than some products you see online for ‘magic’ remedies, etc. All of the discount codes are amazing. I received one around Christmas time and I just thought this is it and I placed an order, it felt like a sign. 


New You: It’s great that you found us on Instagram, and we do like to run offers as often as we can. Can you describe how you felt before starting the Plan? 

Jennifer: I just felt awful, l was really drained, tired, lethargic, had no energy, nothing fitted and I was constantly buying bigger clothes. I hated how I looked and how I felt even more. Lockdown affected everything due to not going out places and not getting dressed up. I had a Christmas night out and my son took photos which I looked at the next day and I was really upset. Even though I see it in the mirror, photos seem to make it more real. I felt uncomfortable the whole night and didn’t really enjoy myself. I’d just got to the point I felt rotten it was also affecting my sleep. I just didn’t feel like I was in control anymore. But that has all changed so much now I’ve lost 3 stone.


New You Favourites

New You: Lockdown was really tough, we think a lot of people put weight on during that time. So, what are your favourite New You meals and snacks? 

Jennifer: Over the summer I usually had a shake and bar and a healthy meal in the evening because I was maintaining my weight with Switch. I love most of the shakes, especially the chocolate flavour heated up and the bars are so handy if you are out and about. The crisps are great but I haven’t tried any of the sweet treats like the wafers, as sweet foods are my downfall. I enjoy most of the packs, to be honest. The soups are quite comforting during the wintertime too.

Life Changing

New You: Yes, the chocolate shake heated up is just like hot chocolate! How has your health or life improved since you lost 3 stone? 

Jennifer: It has improved physically although I never really had any health concerns. But I’ve noticed that your mental health really does change. Even small things, like my family, visited and we went to a theme park, there were so many rides I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy with my family before my weight loss.

I just think your mental health, just feeling better about yourself, and just carrying that extra weight takes its toll. My niece is 6 and when I lift her, I think I used to carry this amount of excess weight and it’s crazy. It’s unreal how I feel about myself now!


New You: You’ve lost a whole little person! What’s the nicest compliment you have received since you lost 3 stone? 

Jennifer: It was my oldest son he’s 17, she had told me at one stage how proud he is of me which isn’t like him, and that made me emotional. He stopped bringing sweet things into the house to make things easier for me which was really nice. Compliments from anyone are nice and people who didn’t know I was following the Plan were very nice too. 

Jennifer lost 3 stone and loves the chocolate shake and crisps

Any Advice?

New You: Aww, how considerate of your son! Support from your family makes such a difference. Our final question is what advice would you give to someone thinking of starting The New You Plan? 

Jennifer: I can understand people being skeptical, but it really does work. I see a lot of comments about people asking if they should wait until certain events have passed and I think that’s the best idea. If you do that then you don’t have anything to worry about something that may knock you off course. It gives you a clear run to start and gives you the best chance of succeeding. 

Also, just give it your best, because it does get easier after the first week and you have nothing to lose. If there is a competition just go for it because you never know what will happen. If you aren’t in, you can’t win!! Take full advantage of Secret Slimmer’s as well, because it is amazing! 

Jennifer lost 3 stone and advises that you make use of the Secret Slimmers community

Jennifer’s had a fantastic journey and we’re glad that we could be a part of it. She’s left us with some great advice there and yes, people are skeptical that New You is just ‘another’ diet, but it really does work. But the only way to really know that is to give it a try! Losing 3 stone is a fantastic achievement and we hope to catch up with Jennifer in the future.

Feel Inspired?

Jennifer was someone who was inspired by the results of others on the Plan and now her own story has been shared in the hopes it will do the same.

Whether you want to lose half a stone or 10 stone, have a slimmer figure, or are just looking to get maximum nutrition in minimum time, then New You can make the perfect partner to get you to where you want to be.

Not sure? Try our 7-day bundle and see what you can achieve in a week. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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