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How To Get Slim When People Say Negative Things About Your Weight

How To Get Slim When People Say Negative Things About Your Weight

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When being bombarded with negative comments, it’s easy to quit your diet. Here, we share a 7 step process to make sure the next time you have your feelings hurt that the moment spurs you on to get slim so you can prove them wrong!

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From the very start, set out with the determination, that every mean comment, every adversity and every setback will spur you on to achieve your goal of being slim and healthy, and prove them wrong!

Most people who are overweight can relate to an instance when someone has made a comment about their weight that has been really hurtful. It is easy to see how these moments can stop people in their tracks, and make them feel like their goal of being slim and healthy is just a pipe dream.

So that you are ready to attack, here we share our 7 step guide of what to do the next time something happens. Rather than the event being detrimental to your weight loss, make it so that the moment defines you in a positive way by spurring you on to get to your goal of being slim and healthy.

“God, you have put on some weight.”

It is moments like this when we can either crumble or gain inner strength. These are the moments that make you or break you.

Here is our 7 step process to make sure the next time you have your feelings hurt, that the moment spurs you on to achieve your goals and prove them wrong!

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1.  Be Ready For It!

We can never control the actions or words of other people, so the best thing is to be ready for the fact that someone somewhere could say something that could hurt or annoy you. Prepare for it, and set out in advance to use these moments to spur you on. Tell yourself that every mean comment will spur you on and give you MORE determination to get to your goal.

Also remember that you don’t have to tell anyone anything, so if you know that if someone is particularly nasty or unsupportive, don’t tell them you are on a diet, just SHOW them with your results. Sometimes keeping zipped is the best thing you can do.  Share your dreams, goals, highs and lows with people who will support and encourage you. This is why we have our Secret Slimmers group so that you can get amazing support from people who are on the same weight loss journey as you.

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2.  Who & Why?

When someone says something nasty to you, you should take stock. Why would they say that?

They might be scared of your new lease of life and what the future could be like for the new you!

Some ladies may be jealous that you are achieving a slim figure while they are struggling with being overweight and have no willpower.

Some friends could be raging that your friendship – which is based around a lot of food and drink – is not going to be the same again and they don’t want to lose their fat friend.

Some people will just be worried that you will be more attractive, get more attention and be more successful than them, and they like to be the “better” one in the dynamic of your relationship.

Your partner might be afraid that you will leave them when you get to your goal, and if he is a jerk then that well could be the case. Or, maybe he is a nice guy but just insecure with a weird way of communicating.

There are a lot of reasons that people might not want you to succeed on your weight loss journey. Just be aware of what other people’s real motives are, and don’t let them put you off course. The new you is in control, and there will be changes to your lifestyle, but if someone is important to you, you might need to put their mind at ease that you love them and life will be better for you both. If there is a lot of resistance from someone about your healthy lifestyle choices and your newfound confidence, then you might have to make some hard decisions and cut some friendships off.

Your friends and relationships should nourish you and people should want the best for you. Don’t settle for anything less.

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3.  You Are MORE Than Your Weight

If someone says something mean about your size, it is so important to remember that this is just ONE ASPECT of who you are. And it is ONE ASPECT that you CAN AND WILL improve on. But WHO ARE YOU?

You are MUCH MORE than your weight. You are an amazing person!

What are your roles in life, in your family, in your social circles, and in your place of work? What are your skills and talents?

If you put on weight through pregnancy – celebrate that you are a mum!

If you put on weight through an accident or illness that caused immobility – celebrate that you got through it and life will improve!

The next time someone says something that hurts you about your weight, remember that you are an amazing, caring, giving and talented person, and much more than your weight.

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4.  It is Simple & You Can Do it

When you are overweight it is common to feel overwhelm,  especially in moments when someone says something to knock your confidence.

The most important thing is to remember that getting to your target is a VERY EASY PROCESS.

Just take your 4 diet meal replacements every day.

Just drink your water 3-4 litres every day.

It is very simple. Keep it simple in your mind. Focus on the fact that it is easy to follow and you can do it. Day by day.

That is all you need to do, and every week you will notice amazing changes in your body.

There is nothing that you cannot do. You CAN do it, and just take it day at a time. Baby steps all the way.

Don’t get overwhelmed with the feeling of being overweight and stuck. Every day is a new opportunity for you to create the new you. Everyday brings you closer to your goal.

Everyday, every week, every month you are getting to closer to showing them!

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5.  Be Proud Of How Far You Have Come

If you have even lost 1 pound – be proud. The great thing about being on total food replacement is that even in one week (especially the first week) you can lose 7, 10 or even 14 pounds! That gives you a boost of confidence to keep going. Be proud of every achievement, be proud of how far you have come, and have faith in how far you can go.

If you did 1 day, you can do another day.

If you completed 1 week you can do another week.

If you completed a fortnight you can do a month.

You can do it. You can get slim!

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6.  Your Reveal Date

Many successful dieters have a specific date or event that they want to be slim for. This is one of the best ways to guarantee your success. Set your reveal date in your head and book it. This is the date that “you will show them”.

The date has to be something that cannot be changed. A wedding or an big event is perfect. If you don’t have anything, book a holiday or have a big party.

This date has to mean something to you, so that every day you are working towards getting to your goal for this date. Create a vision in your mind of you on this date, looking and feeling the way you want to at your slim healthy weight.

Envision every detail that will motivate and inspire you. Make it real in your mind.

“If you can dream it, you can be it!”

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7.  Act Like You Are Already Slim

When you get slim and reach your target weight, you will need to have healthy habits and lifestyle to support your new slim figure. You need to get active, sleep well, be organised, know how to handle stress and emotions and have things in your life that you enjoy so that you don’t eat out of boredom.

You won’t wake up and suddenly be a different person, so think about what you can do now to engrain these new habits, routines and behaviours into your lifestyle.

Be excited about implementing these new healthy habits. Enjoy TODAY, LOVE YOUR LIFE, be excited about your transformation, and don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way.

Being on total food replacement can feel like being in a cocoon sometimes, but just like the caterpillar, a wonderful transformation is going on. This is an exciting time for you. Getting to your target weight for your target date is an exciting time that you can create the lifestyle and body that you want and deserve.

Don’t wait to enjoy your moment; enjoy every moment of every day.

Be glad to give up the old habits, old foods and old lifestyle choices that have held you back, and feel excited every day for being on the road to a healthier happier new you.

The next time someone says something nasty or mean to you about your weight, remember this guide to walk through in your mind.  First of all be ready for it and use it to spur you on, then ask why they would say that, then remember that your weight is only one aspect of you and that you are an amazing person. Know that the process of getting to your goal is simple and that you can do it, be proud of how far you have come and belief in how far you can go. Envision your reveal date, everyday. Make the vision so real that it has to come true, and every day smile as you make all the changes to support the new you at your goal.

Remember that you are in control.  You can get to your goal.  No one can do it for you, and no one can stop you from doing it either.

Enjoy the process of creating the new you! 🙂

Now go show em! x

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