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February Love Theme: Family

February Love Theme: Family

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Our family is our one of our biggest sources of motivation to be healthy. We all want to set good examples & be healthy role models. Everyone wants to live a long active healthy life to enjoy special moments with our loved ones in the future.

I read a quote recently that most people would die for their family, but yet most people can’t lose weight and set a healthy example for their family.

Changing Generational Habits & Mindsets

A lot of who we are and our relationship with food and exercise is programmed into us from our childhood. It is up to each of us to take responsibility to make the changes, and fight our natural urges!

If you were brought up to clear your plate because of the starving children in Africa. That can mentally can stick with you, and it takes self awareness to change!

Maybe you have a real scarcity mindset with food. This could show up as you feeling you have to eat as much as you can really fast before everyone else eats it! If you notice this happening – just need to centre yourself and realise that food is all around us all the time and it isn’t going anywhere!

Recently I have been really inspired to make it my mission to change the direction of my future generations. I have become so aware of raising my children to be empowered in all 7 areas of their life. I know the impact that it will have on their own lives, their children, and on their children’s children!

I feel inspired that by making these changes to my family, that it will have a positive ripple effect for generations to come. As the healthy mindsets and habits are passed from one generation to other.

Making Family Changes Happen!

Making change in our own life is hard, but changing a family mindset can be huge task. It is hard, uncomfortable and challenging. But is is also energising, fun and rewarding.

What other mission could be more important that to put your heart and soul into creating a healthy family?

When you are following total food replacement you fast tracking your way to your healthy target weight; detoxing your body from junk food, and building self discipline in your mind.

While you are on total food replacement you have the perfect time for you to work on your family foundations.

Occasionally I hear some parents say that they are worried that their child will see them having a shake and that it will send out the wrong message. If you really want to create a new you and a healthy lifestyle, then having shakes for a few months to get you to a healthy weight, is going to be a blink in a lifetime.

Rather than worrying about the message having a shake sends out, think about changing the unhealthy habits and lifestyles that created the need to go on a diet. Maybe as a family you eat too many take-aways, or fried foods, or snacks. This is the area to focus on creating change that will have a long lasting impact on your children’s health.

Make Healthy Change A Team Effort

The best way to make change happen in a family is by talking about it and getting everyone involved in the process. Ask everyone what they think you could all do to improve your family diet and activity level. With Spring coming, getting out walking and cycling as a family is a great idea. Ask your family what they like to do, and try different things together.

Having family rituals is a good way to make sure that healthy habits stick. Like a Friday night swim night or a Sunday afternoon walk.

I have found in the past that creating wall charts with stickers has been a great motivation for me and my kids to stick to our healthy habits. Have fun with it and create a team atmosphere towards your change as a family.

A Healthy Future Starts Here, With You!

If you have struggled with your weight, then you know how much it impacts every area of your life, as well as your health and your confidence. Nobody wants their children to go through this.

We can all feel guilty for what we have or haven’t done, but that serves no one, and certainly doesn’t help us or our family to improve.

Guilt is one emotion that has no place in a healthy family dynamic.

The past is the past. We all need to forgive ourselves for what we did when we were in survival mode. Be proud of what we have came through and that we are still here breathing and having the desire to make a healthier life for our family.

Focus on what is the next best thing we can do to bring a healthy lifestyle, diet and mindset into our family life. Make it fun, and make it a life long commitment. The future is bright, we can make it so! 🙂

You don’t have to change everything overnight. An idea is to remove one unhealthy habit and replace it with a healthy habit every month.

By working together with your family, you can create a new direction for your future, for your kids future, and for their kids future. Think how many future generations could be thankful to you for staying strong, being creative and making healthy changes part of your family life.

Much Love,

Julz xox

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