Day 08: Damian’s New You Diet Diary*

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Day 8- 70lbs minus 14lbs = 56lbs to GO GO GO!!!

by The New You Plan on Sunday, 30 October 2011 at 23:21
*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

Hi all,

As many of you may have seen, I weighed in today, and in the first week I lost a massive 14lbs! I was shocked at such a massive weight loss in a week. 56lbs to go seems so much more do-able now. I was a little daunted by having to shed 70lbs, so making a big dent into this on the first week is great for the willpower!

I am finding my grove now with the plan. I am starting to feel comfortable with the plan, and the fear of failing is slipping away. I know I can manage pretty much anything that can be thrown at me now! The plan fits around my day really well. I have so much more enery now and my sleeping pattern is better than it has ever been. I am feeling really healthy and “clean”

Tonight I had a gang around for dinner. I had arranged it ages ago, and had to cook a big feast. Yes, it was pretty miserable at times. making roast potatoes, having a lamb slow roasting and the smell wofting through the house all day, banoffee pie, cheese cakes, wine, beer, chocolates.. ( they are all now in scoffing cheeses and biscuits and having wine and getting drunk).. Part of me is envious, but I am in for the WIN with this plan!  I knew I would have to expect days like this, I had thought about what challenges I would face today beforehand, and how I would deal with them. One thing I didn’t realise though, was how difficult it is to cook without tasting the food! I had to keep getting someone else to taste it, and rely on their opinion that things were seasoned properly or were cooked etc.. I just kept telling myself “Food is Fuel” “Food is Fuel”!!  We won’t eat something that tastes bad, but if something is bad for us, we will eat it! I am coming around to the idea that I would rather have something that is good for me a sa whole, not just good for me on the palate!

I feel a real sense of control today. I know I will not let anything get in the way of this, because I know it is the right thing for me to do. I am just sorry I hadn’t got myself mentally prepared sooner and done this plan ages ago!

My big motivation now, is how good will I feel and look at the end of this process. I feel so great after just one week, I can’t imagine how great I will feel in a couple of months!

That’s it for today!

Happy Halloween, Damo!

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