Damian’s New You Weight Loss Diary – Introduction*

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*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

Hi I am Damian.

Last month I decided to start The New You Plan I knew I needed to mentally prepare for the journey so have been thinking a lot about how to give myself the best opportunity to succeed with the programme.

As a result, I decided to start a blog of my journey in which I, and others, can get a look into how I am doing, what difficulties I encounter along the way, and also see how the transformation goes.

I am also keeping a video account which you can all see on The New You Facebook page. I hope this Blog will help keep me motivated and also help you in your own transformation.

Feel free to ask questions, post comments, suggestions etcIn my first video on you will see I weighed in at 19stone 2lbs! My goal is to lose a WHOPPING 70lbs! It seems massive, but I hope by keeping motivated, and with your help, I will be able to manage this.

And also, just to make a little more interesting , I am going to try and acheive this by February 26th- My BirthdayI do hope you guys enjoy this blog and following my journey and I look forward to getting to know everyone! Here we GO!!!


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