8 Tips to Get Motivated to Be A New You

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To get you on the path to results so you can achieve a NEW YOU, here are 8 ways to help get master your motivation to workout and get started on your diet to transform your body and your mind….
Are you ready?!?!?
1. Find Your Reasons Why
You need to figure out a compelling purpose. For example, if your goal is to lose 25 lbs you need to identify WHY that’s important to you. Is it to feel sexier for your partner, fit into that old pair jeans, or feel more confident? Once you identify your initial reason, keep asking “why?” to go deeper and finally come up with true reason that will motivate you!
2. Connect to Your Core Values
This is the ultimate secret. If you can connect the process (ie. getting to your healthy BMI, working out, eating healthier) to your core values, even in small ways, you can change your game. For instance, some core values might include
 freedom, happiness, love, connection, family, or growth. Figure out what matters most to you and work from there.
3. Change Your Mindset
You can instantly find your more enjoyment in working out by shifting your mindset from “having to do TFR” to “getting to TFR”. Change the way you look at things, and things change the way they look. Look at doing TFR as an amazing opportunity to get to your goal faster. Look at working out, and eating healthy as something enjoyable to enable you to enjoy life as a slim vibrant person. Don’t look at things in a negative way, always have your mindset on the positive. Retrain your mind.
4. Anchor the Feeling
Remember how good it feels when you step on the scales and see you have accomplished another week on TFR, or when you finish your workout or eat a healthy meal. Find a way to anchor that feeling into your body so that anytime the going gets tough you can easily revert back to feeling that way. For instance, flexing your new muscles or shouting out an exhilarating “woohoo!!”
5. Use Reference Points From Past Successes
Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed or unsure about your ability to become slim again. However, if you can think back to similar situations in the past where you were successful, then realize that you can do it again. If you were once able lose 2 stone or walk 5 miles, then go back to that experience and reassure yourself that you can do it again – if that’s your goal.
6. Find a Meaningful Metaphor
Find a metaphor that fuels you – a tag line if you like! Maybe you’re “in the zone”, or “getting slimmer everyda
y”, or “choosing to be free and healthy” One of the most powerful things you can do is find a metaphor that connects to your values. Whatever you choose make sure it resonates with you.
7. Pair Up
Pair up with somebody who compliments you or who can mentor you and get you over the humps. You can get free coaching if you sign up for the Slim for Summer bundle this week. At the very least, sign up to the New You Social network so you can share your success story with others.
8. Take Action and Reward Yourself
Here’s a secret that once you know it and apply it, can change your life.
Action comes before motivation.
Once you start taking action to live healthier you will get more motivated to take more action. What can you do today to feel better about yourself, or to feel healthier? How about going for a walk? Having a good work out session? Start your diet?
Start today, take action and reward yourself!
Give these Motivation Tips a Try and see what a Difference they make your ability to take action and stick to it!
Good Luck with Your Journey to Your New You! 🙂 x
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