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PLAN YOUR SUCCESSFUL WEEK ON 100% TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT – Free Download Planner & A Chance to win a 21 Day Drop A Jean Size Journal

PLAN YOUR SUCCESSFUL WEEK ON 100% TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT – Free Download Planner & A Chance to win a 21 Day Drop A Jean Size Journal

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sunday01 used SET FOR SUCCESS SUNDAY   Download your free weekly planner. Take Part to Win a 21 Day Journal Today.


WELCOME TO SET FOR SUCCESS SUNDAY!  Our FINAL Sunday in July!  I hope you have had a good month!  This the week we welcome AUGUST…


If you don’t know what your ideal week will look like, how are you going to have a good week?  Get Clear today on how much weight you want to lose, what habits you want to work on, what exercise you are going to do, how you are going to handle any social occassions with food and drink, how you are going to get your evenings in, and how you are going to reward yourself for being a flipping rockstar and having a 100% week!!

The best way to achieve success, is to schedule it.  That is why we encourage all our customers to take the time every Sunday to plan their week.

PLAN YOUR 100% TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT WEEK WITH YOUR WEEKLY PLANNER – Download, Print, Fill it in, Put it on your wall…. make sh*t happen!!

Planning your week will help you to be 100% total food replacement this week, but also when you finish total food replacement it is CRUCIAL that you plan your week, you will need to plan your shopping, cooking, healthy snacks, exercise, well in advance if you want to have a chance of maintaining… so get into the habit now of planning your week.  You need to build these habits into your life now…. don’t expect to get to your target weight and then overnight have 10 healthy habits that will support you at your goal, you need to build these habits into your life now so you can live your new you with ease.


LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW AND ONE PERSON WILL WIN OUR 21 DAY JOURNAL icon smile SET FOR SUCCESS SUNDAY   Download your free weekly planner. Take Part to Win a 21 Day Journal Today.

Leave a comment below and let me know the following

1.) Your weight loss goal for the week

2.) What exercise you have planned this week

3.)  What habit you are working on this week

4.)  How you are going to reward yourself for a 100% week

Have a lovely Sunday, and I trust that you week will go as planned. icon smile SET FOR SUCCESS SUNDAY   Download your free weekly planner. Take Part to Win a 21 Day Journal Today.



1.)  Weight Loss Goal – 5 pounds – I am aiming BIG this week as I had a slower week and only lost 1 pound, but I know why, my water was crap, I had extra products etc, my head just wasn’t in the game this week and I am going to make up for it this week and aim for a BIGGIE!!

2.)  Exercise – I am going to go on the cross trainer every day for a mimimum of 10 minutes but ideally aiming for 20 to 30 minutes.

3.)  Habit this week – I am working on my water – I have set my 5 litres of water out this morning and I am making sure that I have it all gone before tonight, I will be sipping all day long! 🙂

4.)  I am going to get a new pair of sandals! 🙂


WOOHOOO!!! I am excited, after my 100% total food replacement week, next Sunday I am going to be 5 pounds lighter, rocking my water habit, fitter and be the proud owner of a new pair of shoes!! 🙂  What about you?? I can’t wait to hear your goals for this week….  I will be picking a winning comment to win the 21 day journal 🙂



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46 thoughts on “PLAN YOUR SUCCESSFUL WEEK ON 100% TOTAL FOOD REPLACEMENT – Free Download Planner & A Chance to win a 21 Day Drop A Jean Size Journal

    • Author gravatar

      My goals for this week…

      1. Lose the 6lbs I need to break the 14st barrier!!

      2. A lot of playing with my 15month old, family walks and household cleaning!!

      3. Blips!!! Need to stop with the blips!!

      4. A lovely date night out to the cinema with my hubby!!!! Xx

    • Author gravatar

      lose 3 pounds,2 zumba classes + 20 minute walk daily, 4 meals = 4 litres of water, GOAL drink a glass of water before and after each meal,,treating my self to a haircut and colour

    • Author gravatar

      weight loss goal for this week is 4 lbs
      my exercise is to increase my yoga to an hour a day
      need to get back in the habit of getting my products out the night before , it is so much easier to be 100% when my packs are out and waiting for me .
      my treat when , not if , i achieve these goals is to pick and buy my new hair colour for when i reach half way point in my journey

      have a great 100% week everyone xxxx

    • Author gravatar

      Hi all.. Happy sunday!

      My aim this week is to loose 6 lb to bring me down under the 16 stone! Imagine to see the 15 mark on the scales yippee.. (Started last mon @17.2st have nearly 11 lbs gone but official weigh in is Tomor?! )

      Go swimming this week with my two boys, at least 3 times

      Keep going the way I’m going @100% regarding plan..

      My reward with be a trip to the hairdressers !!

      Good luck every one!!

    • Author gravatar

      Hi, i received my first wk of supplies for the plan on wednesday. I had planned to start yesterday but hurt my back friday and have been laid out since. Even though im still not good i have decided to go ahead and start tomorrow. Is there ever a more perfect time than now?
      1 – my weight loss goal is 7 pounds for this week.
      2 – i would like to walk 30 mins each day – once my back allows.
      3 – laying out and drinking 4 litres water per day.
      4 – i will reward myself with a pedicure for a fully committed week.

    • Author gravatar

      1) I wanna lose about 6lbs – get way out of the danger zone of my 14st wall!
      2) lots of walking everywhere, and my half hour Cardio workout with Jillian Michaels at least 3 times
      3) bad habit of nibbling! Need to work on my will power – have to ignore my partner and all his food!
      4) a new pot of my favourite nail polish 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      My weightloss for the week is 4lbs
      My excerise is to aim for 10000 steps daily on my pedometer
      My habit is to drink at least 5 litres a day
      My treat for being 100% is getting my nails done
      Have a great week x

    • Author gravatar

      3 lb goal loss
      New routine from Hayley and Hannybobs operation bingo wings are Noooooooooo
      Evening fallout know it’s my downfall so planned a busy few eves to make it a habit instead of hovering around what the kids eat xx
      100% week and ill order an amazing dress for the party xxx

    • Author gravatar

      1. Def want 5 pounds off this week to get into the 14’s.
      2. Walking further this week, finding the walks I’ve been doing are too easy now.
      3. Habit: must remember not to throw on same clothes and try on a couple smaller thongs every day.
      4. Will be buying size 16 jeans as size 18 I got into only 3 weeks ago are now baggy around backside and have run out of holes on belt so need belt too!

    • Author gravatar

      1 – Weight loss goal 4lb for the week. So long as I syick to it 100% I know it will come off but that week by week it may go up and down a bit.
      2 – Only just in to ketosis so just planning a swim or bike ride this week, depending on the weather.
      3 – My habit I’m going for is to not let other people’s negativity have me turning to food for comfort
      4 – My treat will be to go to the races next Sunday
      loving the programme

    • Author gravatar

      Hey guys

      So I’ve gathered enough will power to start back on the plan again today 🙂

      My goal for this week being my first week is an 8lb

    • Author gravatar

      My goal this week is 2/3 pound messed up last week so need to focus and get back in the game!!
      Gonna try to walk at least 3 days this week 5k each time.
      My reward is booked for Friday shellac on nails and all my waxing.
      My hen is next Sunday night so will be doing a bit of re feed during this week too but gonna keep going
      6 weeks to my wedding, so close to the nines, it’s been so worth every day of trying ❤️

    • Author gravatar

      1) I am planning to lose at least 4 pounds this week.
      2) drink 4 litres of water each day
      3) Work on my hip exercises, and on my arm weights
      4) try the dress on (for the wedding) as the end of the week
      5) Keep 100% every day, and only one bar each day.

    • Author gravatar

      My goals thid week.
      1 Begin refeed for hols on friday
      2 loss 4lbs to get me to stone mark
      3 stick with my dumbells routine for week.
      4 make good choices on holiday
      5 Enjoy holiday, feeling slim.

    • Author gravatar

      Weightloss goal is 4lbs but 2lbs will bring me to one of my major goals.
      Swimming at least 3 times this week and 4 walks.
      Finish my paperwork in a timely manner.
      A trip to the garden centre.

    • Author gravatar

      My goal this week is 4 pounds would love more but we will see!!

      I travel long hours and find it very hard to get any energy to exercise but would love to fit in some walking this week

      I really want to up my water intake this week, it’s hard with travelling but I’m trying to make more of an effort!

      I’m going to treat myself to a new dress for a night out on Saturday if I’m good this week!

      LOVE the jewellery mirror!if I don’t win it think that’s going to be my goal weight treat to myself

      Good luck for the week ahead everybody!

    • Author gravatar

      Was on RG for the wedding at the weekend Had a fantastic weekend and felt a million dollars thanks to New You. Wore my outfit and felt like a princess…..people who hadn’t seen me for years were blown away by the weight I had lost. Love this plan,k love you CAN enjoy the Occasional OCCASION and then get right back on it. Got another 2 weddings at the end of August so looking forward to them…..changed days. Then back on the straight and narrow for the BIG EVENT…..know I will have a good weightloss this week….looking for at least 5/7 lbs….and the 2/3 thereafter so at least a stone by the August wedding….will need to get the dress taken in AGAIN….WHOO HOO…don’t you just love this plan….and oh I would LOVE that jewellery mirror… you know I like my bling….and NOW I have mirrors everywhere….in Spain NOT A ONE did I have that showed anything but head and shoulders….that’s what this plan does….gives you confidence again…..thanks again everyone for your continued support. Good luck everyone. Amazing prize. xxx

    • Author gravatar

      1.. I want to drop enough lbs to get down into the 12 stone bracket.
      2. I will start running again after my race for life break habit??I dont have any but I will be supporting a friend who is startin the plan tomorrow-Monday morning. I will be her water monitor he he he
      4..I will treat myself to a spa break if I get down into the 12 stone area!I know I cam do it!!!

    • Author gravatar

      My goals for this week..mmmm
      New you new you new you..NEW ME
      I hope to loose 7 pounds.
      Drink My 4 litres of water.
      Walk at least 30 mins a day.

      Have a great week Ss..xx

    • Author gravatar

      My goals for this week:

      1) Lose anything! Started refeed today so any loss world be a bonus!

      2) Now that I’m off tfr I have the fear of putting the went back on so this week I’m going to do as many Free exercise Classes at my local gym to see which I’m going to take up 100%

      3) Habit to focus on breaking this week is viewing food and alcohol as there centre of fun

      4) Reward – buying a fancy lavish dress for my favorite little man’s christening on Saturday!

    • Author gravatar

      I need to loose 3lbs to get into the 12s have not been this for a few yrs
      I plan to exercise walking and aqua aerobics
      Iv been diagnosed with fibromyalgia so I really need to shift the weight .
      Habits mmmm tryin not to overthink when my losses are not so big a loss is a loss and its gone for good this time ye .

      I will treat myself to a new outfit if im in the 12s .

      Have a great week everyone x x

    • Author gravatar

      1. Aiming for 4 lbs this week
      2..exercise….. To walk to the beach each night,and 3 Zumba classes stay 100 % to plan and to drink at least 4-5 litres of fluid
      4. A nice pedicure reward ….. I’m off to Majorca on the 5 th August …… With a brand new body this year …… Can’t wait 🙂

    • Author gravatar

      Since I broke up from uni for the summer my journey seems to have stalled. I seem to have gone into holiday mode especially now the kids have broken up from school. When I started in January my aim was to get to goal for my first holiday abroad with my kids. I’m a single parent of five and I’ve saved hard for this and so want to be fit and healthy to enjoy it with them. It’s four weeks to go and I’m two stone away from my target. I think I’ve convinced myself that I can’t do it now in this time. I’m also getting complacent because at four stones down I look and feel so much better than I did. However I really want to reach my end goal.
      So this week I will;
      Lose 4 pounds
      I will do circuit training 3 times and run 3 times with my daughter. I’m off uni now so I have time. No excuses
      The habit I will change is I’m going to fill in a drop a jeans size journal to keep me focused and bring some structure back into my life.
      My reward will be booking a few beauty treatments ready for my holidays.

      Good luck everyone on a great week ahead.

    • Author gravatar

      1)My weight loss goal is 7lbs
      2)1 hr daily on cross trainer
      3)my habit will be the 4 liters of water & 100% daily
      4)i’m going to have a lush bath & body moisturize
      5)Get started again on house redecorating trying to get sorted for daughters wedding

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