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WOOHOO! I hope you are all having a great start to AUGUST! Are you up for SMASHING August?! LET’S DO THIS!! From the leader board results in July team New You  SMASHED their weight loss goals! LOVE IT! Today we want you to share your tips on times when weight loss slows down or stops on VLCD

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All you have to do is take part in TODAY’S Task and all of the Task’s this week…. SIMPLES!

TODAY’S TASK : Please share your top tips when your weight loss slows down or stops on VLCD!

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Good Luck!

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13 Responses

  1. melody norris says:

    my tips if your weight loss slows down or stops would be
    Don’t give up , Don’t compare yourself to others – we’re all different in our losses , remember why your doing this , your weight loss fluctuates throughout the day , week and month , take measurements of your body – sometimes the scales don’t move but the inches do , go on a shaketastic couple of days ( i can do it for 3 days before i miss chewing !! ) be aware of your mindset – this is the main reason you get through a slow loss , up your water intake and , if possible , be a bit more active .
    all of these things are tried and tested by ME and work for me if i ” feel ” like i haven’t lost as much as i aim for .
    the weight didn’t go on overnight or in a big number so it won’t always come off in big numbers .xxx

  2. michelle flood says:

    My tip when ur weight loss slows down or stops would be to up the pace on your exercise and get into the mindset of determination. Decide you are going to walk longer or faster and give the same energy to ur thoughts by affirming that you are going to get the better of your weight loss rather than it get the better of u. Show urself how much u want it!

  3. Val Price says:

    My advice to someone if your weight loss slows down or stops on VLCD, is the advice I am taking myself at the moment, as I am finding myself in this situation. DONT GIVE UP , drink more water 4 litres at least (and oh boy I am trying my best with this one) and don’t have more than one bar a day, if possible just have shakes for a few days to kick start the weight loss again. So I am off to take my own advice roll on Sunday for my next weigh in and a bigger loss this week ! 🙂

  4. Fiona Morear says:

    When the scales slow – get the measuring tape out! That’s why its important to start off measuring for when you need that confidence boost that the tape will give you when the scales stop.

    Remind yourself that it is just a scales blip. So long as you are doing all the right things it will happen.

    Remind yourself that you must be getting nearer to goal as that is why it is slowing down, so woo hoo for getting this far.

    Time to get the excersise in, up the cardio so less muscle building & more of a tone up. This also releases those feel good endorphines which should make up for the disapointment of the scales.

    Set a healthy not weight related challenge to give you something else to focus on, not just what the scales say.

    Take some sort of allowed laxative if feeling a bit bunged up and see if that helps.

    Weigh monthly instead of weekly so as not to get the bodys natural weight fluctuations (don’t you just love TOTM) confused with actual fat loss.

    Look at all the others that have been through the same and get support from them. The power of SS!

  5. Jilly Richards says:

    if weight loss slows or stops it is just the body adjusting itself,,,it is used to having huge amounts of food,,,when it realises it is not being starved it will learn to survive on the food it is being given,so maybe if the diet has been mainly liquids ie soups and shakes,,introduce some or more meals as this gets the digestive system functioning and sending signals to the brain stomach is full and being nourished..diets are controlled by the brain sending signals to the body always, if the body responds badly the brain will slow down the metabolism,,, ,,

  6. Vikki says:

    My tips if weight loss slows down is to remember what you are looking to achieve. I’m sure your first two goals should be looking great and being healthy. To know if you look great, you try on your old pair of jeans (you know you kept them for a reason!). This will show you how far you’ve come in how you look. To know how healthy you are, remember how hard it was to run/walk/climb stairs before you lost weight. You’ll realize how far you’ve come.
    It’s not about a number, it’s about how you feel inside.

  7. Caro Hewitt (was Partridge) says:

    I am a day late but what the hey.

    Great tips here! Just to add to the “don’t give up” ones…I weigh fortnightly (possibly longer) because in the past I have felt discouraged by smaller weekly losses so this time I am choosing not to see them! Think of the big picture. This plan WILL remove 3 stone in 3 months. That is a huge amount! If you lose 6lb one week, and 1lb the next, you have lost half a stone in 2 weeks – you are bang on track!

    Also bear in mind that ‘plateauing’ is a well-known feature of ALL diets. It’s just the body adjusting. If you plan for it, and assume in advance that it will happen, and that it is just a phase the body goes through as it adjusts to being smaller and eating less, you can see it as a positive. You’ve done so well thus far that you’ve hit the Plateau stage of dieting. Give it 1-3 weeks and you’ll be off again. Just be thankful you’re on this plan, and not one of those lengthy ‘let’s lose 1-2lb a week’ traditional diets – how bloody depressing must it be to plateau for 3 weeks on one of those, when they take so long! (I bet we have all tried them, so we know.)

    Chin up, keep going, keep drinking and exercising, and think about the future.

    Ps – I also like looking at all the cute dresses I will be wearing this time next year! I have a collage of them on my desktop and fridge 🙂


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