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Week 8 Weigh In! Yay! 4 pounds lost – 32 pounds in total on TFR Diet*

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New you diet

Lost 2 stone 4 pounds in 8 weeks on New You Diet TFR

Yay! So happy that I lost 4 pounds on my TFR Diet week 8 weigh in, which brings me to a grand total of 32 pounds or 2 stone 4 pounds loss.

*Results may vary, this is not a guarantee.

To be honest a few other girls in New You Diet Secret Slimmers have been doing the TFR diet for 8 weeks and have lost more than me.

Lisa has lost 38.5 pounds in 8 weeks and Sandra has lost 39.5 pounds in 8 weeks, both on New You TFR Diet– so although my weight loss is not as much ( I am 32 pounds in 8 weeks) I am still very happy.

Lisa & Sandra have done A-MAZ-ING! Their results really are awesome!  Both girls are just a few pounds away from their ultimate goal, and will be at their goal in a couple of weeks!

I think my lack of movement is one reasons why my weight loss is slightly lower, I really want to get moving more, unfortunately I haven’t been able to get out walking this week due to a hectic schedule!

Last weekend I finished off my EFT Training and got my certificate!  Yay! So i am now a Master Practitioner in EFT Heart & Soul.  I am planning to make a video series in the Summer to show people how to use this technique to help them deal with emotions and stress that can lead to emotional or overeating.  I am totally in love with the process, it really is so powerful, and I have been amazed at the results I have been getting myself.

On Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday I was out all day and then me and Isabella got a 24 hour bug so we weren’t well on Thursday and I had to miss my pilates/yoga training.  I really do enjoy that session, and I am going to up it to 2 times a week now, hopefully in a month or two I will be mobile enough to be able to join a class, I am still a bit off that at the moment, but definitely making progress.

I will be doing TFR Diet (Total Food Replacement) until Easter time and then I will be taking a 2 week break – as this is recommended by NICE.  Then I will be back on TFR Diet until June.  It used to feel daunting but now it really doesn’t, I feel pretty much disassociated with food now and I am really enjoying the products.  Last night I had the Spicy Noodle nosh TFR diet meal with a couple of mushrooms, and it was SO NICE.  The TFR Diet meals are great as they really do make you feel like you are not missing out on a meal.

I am also moving down clothes sizes, which is VERY motivating, I am sure you will agree that nothing quite beats the feeling of dropping down to the next clothes size.  🙂

I got a new iphone 4s so I am going to start taking some pictures everyday of what I get up to on my TFR Diet and brighten this blog up a bit with some pictures of what I am up to.  That is of course if I ever figure out how on earth to put the darn sim card into it!! lol

Will be weighing in on Monday, that will be week 9 weigh in. CRAZY!  Time really does fly with you are on New You TFR Diet! 🙂  By Easter I will be least 3 stone lighter than I was in January.  I am so glad I started when I did.  🙂  Roll on the summer so I can get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Hope to see you as part of the Bootcamp, it will be good fun! 🙂


Julz xx

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