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New You Random Act of Kindness – Grant’s Surprise for Oonagh for her new found confidence*

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New You | RAK

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Oonagh the quiet and confident voice
in The New You family:

Ever since my interview with Oonagh I have been inspired by her as I have been able to watch her transform into a new, amazing more confident lady. I could not believe that a person with so much knowledge, compassion and success behind them could be so humble and reserved about their achievements.  This has not changed in the time I have known Oonagh but what has changed is her ability to travel out of her comfort zone to help others through her own success, success which she was previously almost unable to acknowledge.

I am so proud to be part of an institution that has been there in her journey, tagging along side her as she found her feet again. Oonagh has taught me a thing or two in the time that I have gotten to know her and I feel she has helped me become a better member of the New You Family.

Thank you so much for being there not only for me but for everyone in The New You family Oonagh 🙂 I am hoping that despite your success you will continue to remain in our family as you are one of its warmest and most caring members!

Oonagh's Random Act of Kindness

Oonagh’s Random Act of Kindness

Kind regards

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8 Responses

  1. well done oonagh you are one of my main inspirations and a truly wonderful lady x

    • oonagh says:

      Pauline you inspire me too , thanks for all your support throughout my journey , you are a wonderful lady too xx

  2. Anne says:

    Well said Grant, Oonagh is a star. She is a lovely warm lady, with endless talents…a true artist with her photography and her wonderful handmade bears. She is always there to offer a kind word or support. So glad to have met her on my journey, and looking forward to a lifelong friendship. Just something else I have to thank New You for….Big Hugs. xxx

    • oonagh says:

      Anne you are a star too , definitely an inspiration to me through all of lifes ups and downs . Lots of love to you & look forwards to our friendship continuing 🙂 & you reaching your goal xxx

  3. Barbara fyfe says:

    And so say all of us . Well deserved Oonagh . Such a kind, gentle wonderful women . You have being such an inspiration to me Oonagh & a friend xxxx

  4. oonagh says:

    Wow Grant , Thank you for such a lovely blog about me , & for your random Act of Kindness . I have munched all my wafers 🙂 & my gorgeous frame (of me & the bronzed hunk) is here beside me to remind me what I achieved through the support of the New You Community , The New You Team & the Secret Slimmers. I feel so comfortable on Secret Slimmers and feel as though my Journey with you has changed me inside & out . I am so much more confident , I still struggle a little whilst maintaining but I feel I know what to do now to not lose control .
    I have made special friends on my journey and its a journey I will always remember . Love Oonagh xxx

  5. Baz Earnshaw says:

    Aw that’s lovely Oonagh well done