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#Mchallenge is BACK – Get Your Free Wall Chart, Build in Healthy Habits, Have Fun! £1,000 in Prizes to be Won! :-)

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The New You Plan #Mchallenge is all about being building healthy habits into your life and creating a Wonderful Life! 

After the success of our April #Mchallenge, we are excited to bring the #mchallenge back!

How amazing are you going to make this Autumn?

Creating a NEW YOU isn’t just about losing weight, it is about having fun, enjoying life, stepping outside your comfort zone, building in healthy habits, and thinking in a way that empowers you!

The #mchallenge is a good excuse to try new things!  We encourage you to share your photos on your social media and #hashtag #mchallenge – this will inspire your friends and family and you can help other people to live an amazing life by sharing your #mchallenge adventure with them!

We have £1,000 in prizes to giveaway! 

Every week we will be searching social media for your #mchallenge photos!  We will be picking prize winners every single week between now and 20th December 2016.  We will be checking facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and you tube for your #mchallenge journey updates!

If you complete all 36 #mchallenge photos – please send us a link to your social media account to [email protected] for us to review by 20th December 2016 and we will add your name to a prize draw for £250 cash prize!  What a nice prize to win just before Christmas.

Get started today, use your imagination, to create posts that will inspire your friends to get healthy and be happy 🙂


Here are some ideas of how you can have fun with your #mchallenge photos 🙂

  1. #move – take a photo of you out for a walk somewhere beautiful
  2. #measurement – photo of your fit bit measuring your steps, photo of getting into a smaller pair of jeans!
  3. #muscle – photo of you hitting the gym or showing off your biceps!
  4. #music – photo or lyrics from your favourite song, photo of your playlist that motivates you!
  5. #mates – who inspires you and supports you? take a selfie with them!
  6. #magical – capture a magical moment!
  7. #morning – a sunrise, or a cup of coffee, what makes your morning complete and starts your day the healthy way?
  8. #moon – your bedtime routine, a nice bath, a good book, a cuddle?
  9. #mission – share you mission with the world 🙂
  10. #makeover – get a new hair style or make up! snap that!
  11. #meals – what are you eating? new you packs or healthy food! it all counts 🙂
  12. #milestones – did you reach a big milestone? capture that and celebrate!
  13. #memories – found an old photo that brings back good memories?
  14. #makeadifference – whats your favoruite charity? how do you contribute?
  15. #mastery – learning something new? a new hobby or a course for work? how are you bettering yourself?
  16. #marriage – who is your partner in life?
  17. #movie – what is your favourite movie?
  18. #must – whats the one thing you MUST do? share that, achieve it!



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2 Responses

  1. pauline mc givern says:

    Whoohoo love the MChallenge x

  2. Jackie M says:

    Wooho Fun time again xx