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FAQ Friday: Do I need to take multivitamins on the diet? | TFR

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FAQ Friday: With Grant
Do I need to take multivitamins on the diet? | TFR

Understanding TFR:

To answer the question it is best to understand what we as a company do. The New You Plan Specialises in TFR which stands for Total Food Replacement. As the name suggests our products are intended to place a complete conventional meal, a meal which typically would have given you nutrients. Our products are designed to do this in a far more controlled manner. Any single TFR product in our range contains 25% of your RDA’s of minerals and vitamins. Given that we expect you to have 4 of these items per day you will be getting 100% of your RDA’s if the plan is followed correctly.

In fact where your conventional diet may have caused you to lack in some areas our diet now ensures that you are getting everything you need just in the form of a calorie controlled portion.

If you still wish to take a multivitamin which are best?

In answering this question I am not making any reference to which are the best multivitamins in general , this is merely in context to a ketogenic diet such as ours. It is suggested that you avoid the chewable multivitamins, any that contain flavourings and indeed the dissolvable  form of multivitamin as they can contain ingredients that may interfere with ketosis. The simple tablet form vitamins we find work best to help keep you on track.

I hope this helps and please do feel free to leave me any questions you have regarding the plan so I can make sure that these are picked up and answered for you as soon as possible.

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Kind regards

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4 Responses

  1. Barbara fyfe says:

    Thanks fir that Grant, good to know xx

  2. thanks grant if i feel a little tired i sometimes take a multivitamin its not very often as the plan itself has given me a new lease of lie have a great weekend x

    • Grant Grant says:

      Thanks for the Support Pauline 🙂 I know it did – your results are still causing ripples in the interviews! Hope you have a good weekend too!