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FAQ Friday: Can I add vegetables to the products? | VLCD

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Frequently Asked Questions Friday with Suzanne and Lorna:
Can I add vegetables to the products? | VLCD


What if I have to add vegetables? | VLCD

Although we suggest not adding anything additional food items to our VLCD programme, there may be instances where customers need to increase their calorie count for health reasons or for exercise. In this instance you can either add an additional product to your daily allowance or you can add a portion of conventional ketogenic food.

These include:

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•Alfalfa Sprouts  •Artichokes  •Asparagus  •Aubergine  •Bamboo Shoots  •Broccoli  •Brussel Sprouts  •Cabbage  •Cauliflower  •Celery  •Chicory  •Courgettes  •Cucumber  •Fennel  •Green Beans  •Leeks  •Lettuce  •Mangetout  •Marrow  •Mushrooms  •Onions  •Pak Choi  •Peppers  •Radish  •Rocket  •Spinach  •Watercress  •Water Chestnuts


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•Skinless Poultry  •All shellfish  •White Fish  •Oily Fish  •Lean Mince  •Lean Beef  •Lamb  •Ham  •Pork  •Bacon •2 medium sized eggs boiled, poached or scrambled  •Plain low fat cottage cheese  •Quorn  •Soya  •Tofu


Adding these items to your New You Plan Products will inevitably bring the calorie content up and may reduce weight loss, however in reasonable portions they should not impact ketosis which is a huge bonus when it comes to the continuity of the plan as this is the hardest part of the diet.

Thank you again to Suzanne and Lorna for all their help on our VLCD FAQ’s and please do leave a comment of support for them in the comments section below. Also if there is a question that you would like answered please feel to ask this in the comments section at the bottom of this blog.

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Kind regards

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2 Responses

  1. May Sweeney says:

    Really good to know as I may be going to London for a few days and will try to stay 100% but not always easy in another home.

  2. Lisa says:

    Back on this again !
    If you are to take vegetables with your dinner how much is ok ?