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My 5:2 results & the app you need to know about!*

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*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee

In my emails I discuss how I’m maintaining my weight loss using the 5:2 version of the The New You Plan. I have successfully managed to not only maintain my weight loss, BUT I have lost inches… a whopping 20.5 inches in fact*! Woohoo! Want to know my secret?! Of course you do! I have found an AMAZING app that makes life soooo much easier! It’s called My Fitness Pal and you need to download it RIGHT NOW! You can get it for Android here and iPhone here.

How does the 5:2 version work I hear you ask? Simples… You take 4 New You Plan Meal Replacements each day for 2 consecutive days. By taking The New You Plan products it makes it easy and effortless for people looking to achieve real results on 5:2. For the next 5 days of the week, eat healthy everyday foods within your recommended daily calorie intake. This differs for men and women:

  • 2,500kcal for a man
  • 2,000kcal for a woman

AND, this phone app will be your go to guide and it even has The New You Plan products in it! No counting calories – just like TFR you don’t have to worry. Simply stick in the products you have the 2 days and the healthy choices you make the rest of the week and BOOM, it’s all in black and white (well blue and white actually)!

I promised you an example of my meal plans for my 5:2 version of the diet. Well, here it is…

Breakfast options:

  • Porridge (I would have a wee porridge pot already made up and just add water): 213 kcals
  • Wholegrain brown bread, 2 slices: 184 kcal & scrambled egg (no added butter, some skimmed milk, salt & pepper) 130 kcal = 314 kcals
  • Fresh fruit, for example watermelon, 300 grams: 96 kcals

 Lunch options:

  • Homemade soups (I love leek and potato): 134 kcals per serving (no added cream, plain leek, potato, garlic, salt and pepper)
  • Chicken pittas – lettuce, wholemeal pittas, skinless chicken, cherry tomatoes and low fat natural yogurt: 162 kcals
  • Baked potato with cottage cheese and spring onion: 320 kcals

Dinner options:

  • Vegetable stir fry with brown rice, egg scrambled, mushrooms, broccoli, carrot, red onion, sesame oil: 340 kcals
  • Chicken caesar salad with grilled chicken, lettuce, bacon, homemade wholemeal bread croutons: 320 kcals
  • Stuffed sweet potato with bacon, scallions with Greek yogurt: 265 kcals

Snack options:

  • Side snack: half cup non-fat Greek yogurt with a dash of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon honey (120 calories)
  • Side snack: Tropical fruit salad with 1 kiwi and half a large orange (90 calories)
  • Side snack: Tropical fruit salad with 1 kiwi and half a large orange (90 calories)

Check out these delicious meals prepared by our Maintainers! Delicious, healthy, home cooked goodness!


Great to see you guys having a great week! We love hearing that you’re maintaining your weight loss.


Until next week,

Ruth x

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2 Responses

  1. Emer McKenna says:

    great blog Ruth! I am loving the 5:2 maintaining as well. It’s amazing for feeling empowered about food! Good on ya!

  2. Anne says:

    Love it….xxx