Why Secret Slimmers Inspires Me – By Jackie Murphy 87 Pounds Down And Confidence UP!

Why Secret Slimmers Inspires Me – By Jackie Murphy 87 Pounds Down And Confidence UP!

The New You Plan & Secret Slimmers is MUCH MORE than diet meal replacement company and a support group.  Our goal is to change lives, and when Jackie Murphy, a successful slimmer (87 pounds down and counting!) and active member of our Secret Slimmers community posted an inspiring comment in our group, we asked her to write a blog post about Why Secret Slimmers Inspires Her So Much.


Why Secret Slimmers Inspires Me

~ By Jackie Murphy ~ 


At first it seems like just another Facebook group, but its not.

It’s an inspiring place where people that have never met, meet and forge friendships that are like no other.

I was nervous as hell at the start and very cautious of posting anything because I was afraid of being judged for being grossly over weight.

The fact was the opposite.

I was accepted in a way that I have never been accepted before. I was accepted for me.

jackie before1


I didn’t need any qualification or anything at all. All I needed was a computer and the courage to take part in the daily tasks and post as often as I needed too.

What makes this group amazing is the people.

People from different parts of various countries, tied together by a common bond of being over weight.

Ordinary people, all with the same hopes and dreams of one day being slim and healthy.

jackie after


People that as soon as you post in the group will respond with nothing but positivity and caring that allows you to feel like your apart of something big because you are.

Secret Slimmer is unlike any weight-loss group or Facebook group that I have ever been a part of.

Its more like a family that’s there to support you, no, matter what life throws at you.

People that for years have dreamed of laying to rest their food demons and living a healthy happy life.


How would I describe this amazing group of people that inspire me?

The Secret Slimmers that inspire me as follows….

The ones that succeed, the ones that fall off the wagon but no matter what just jump right back on and try again.

The ones who have gained so much confidence that they post daily, the ones that haven’t yet found the confidence to take part fully in this group yet read ever story and believe one day that will be them.

The ones that successfully maintain and prove every day that it can be done.

The ones that have fallen back in to bad habit and regained the weight and have had the courage to come back and try again.

This entire group of people weather they post or not as they are all fighting their own weight demon.

For everyone in this group that had the courage to try.

All of you are the people that inspire me because all of you are like me.

Ordinary people on the most amazing journey of their live.

They are all my inspiration.

We come from all walks of life, yet in this group we are all equal and we are all human.

Most of us in the group will at some point have fallen off the weight-loss wagon and got right back on.

Its not a race to lose weight as quickly as possible, although weight-loss can be rapid but its a journey of self discovery, self acceptance, self love and finally feeling comfortable in your own skin which for me is the ultimate acceptance of self.

Its a journey that is impossible to do alone and believe me I have tried in the past.

What has kept me going is Secret Slimmer. In times of self doubt and there has been plenty all I needed to do was post that I was struggling. The response was mind blowing and resulted in my staying on track.

Secret Slimmers to me is a group of amazing Men and Women, all on the same journey.

People that understand what it feels like to be over weight, lacking in confidence, a comfort eater.

People that have tried every diet plan going and still went back to old habit because there wasn’t a support network like there is here and at New You.

From the moment I joined this amazing group, I felt that I had found a home.

A home were it was safe to speak freely, ask for advice and be accepted for who I am by people that understand me sometimes better than I understand myself.

Its a group that has been there through struggles and success.

A group that has been a constant in my life since I joined.  Always there when needed and you can count on not just one reply to a comment but many.

A group that makes you feel loved regardless of your size and one that you will never see the likes of anywhere.

All the above things are my inspiration and the reason I have lost 6 stone 3lb.

Its not been easy at times as life throws everything at you including the kitchen sink, but nothing worthwhile is very easy.

For me Secret Slimmers and New You is the place where dreams come true.

All you have to do is follow the plan and believe that you have the ability to succeed.

You hold the key to that success within you and with the help of Secret Slimmers, you can unlock that success.


After writing this blog post and submitting her photos to Julie-Ann – Jackie acknowledged that this is something she could not have done 6 months ago.  THIS is what The New You Plan is all about, helping people to find their inner strength and confidence to step up and step into a better, healthier, happier version of themselves.


If you want to step into YOUR NEW YOU, and you want to be part of our amazing community, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today or place your first order on our website.

We are here to help and support you on your amazing and exciting New You Journey.

You can meet Jackie, and many other people just like her!  We are all in this together, all supporting each other.

The group is EXCLUSIVE to New You Plan customers, if you want help placing and order, or requesting to join the group please contact us.






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