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Update: Ambassador Anne-Marie’s Maintenance Journey

Update: Ambassador Anne-Marie’s Maintenance Journey

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Since losing 4st 9lbs with The New You Plan, Anne-Marie has been on a journey of self-discovery. She has learned how to love & nourish her body, while maintaining her weight loss. She has also developed a love for exercise and building strength and is learning how to speak kindly to her mind.

Here, she shares an update on her maintenance journey, which began 19 months ago.

Well it’s been a minute… actually it’s been a mind boggling 19 months since I first began my journey with The New You Plan!

From those early days of not really knowing where it would take me but knowing I HAD to make a change to now… most of the time still not really knowing what I’m doing on a daily basis but determined to live life my way regardless!

It blows my mind when I look back. I’ve lost 4 stone 9lbs since that very first weigh in where I was ashamed of what I had become. If only back then I had known it wasn’t my outer shell I needed to be ashamed of – it was the way inner me spoke to my mind, putting myself down and just stalled me in my tracks! I have and always will deserve more. I am enough, I am important and my voice is the one that I listen to the most so I’m using it to keep on telling myself the words that I not only want to hear… but that I now BELIEVE!!

My Maintenance Journey

I’ve been navigating my way along maintenance since march 2023, figuring out what works for my body, finding food I enjoy in ways that are more beneficial to my health and still having those all important occasion days where I just let loose. I’ve learned to stay present in that moment and not one shred of guilt is invited along because this is my journey, my way and creating that balance where I’m actually happy is what works for me.

My fitness has certainly improved as I’ve built up my self confidence in my own abilities. I started with walking and just kept going… now I hike, run, walk, and LOVE home workouts, which feature my dumbbells! Boy are they good for those days when you just need to feel strong! Running is my therapy – I don’t just run for fitness, I run for my mental wellbeing. Some days I don’t even track it – I just ENJOY the feeling of being alive!

New You Plan SWITCH

As for my style of eating, I still have 2 TFR days per week, wedged either side of the weekend on Monday and Friday. For me personally I find it keeps me balanced, de-bloats me, resets my lazy digestive system and I actually enjoy them. My other days are based around protein and low calorie but filling foods! Of course, I still have those things like biscuits, chocolate etc the difference being I count them into my daily calories rather than pretending they never happened (that used to be one of my former habits)! The thing is, if I’m not honest even with myself I will never continue progressing on my journey – and believe me my journey continues. In fact I would say maintaining is where the adventure really begins as you have to do it for YOURSELF!! 

But there’s always someone in the SWITCH group waiting to help. There’s tons of info on the app too and I spent a lot of time looking up different foods and I cannot stress enough how essential it is to play around with your food! One of my faves is low carb fruit toast with a protein yoghurt and fruit on top…so good! But I would never have thought of it if I hadn’t been experimenting with my food! Have fun with it, make it work for YOU. If you enjoy it, you’re more likely to stick with it!

Self Care That Matters

Whilst I’m busy planning my meals and workouts for each week, I make planning those daily pockets of happiness a priority. Self care isn’t just for Sundays, nor is it all face masks and nail polish (though this girl is partial to those too!!). It’s taking that time to just breathe, have a bath, a brew in peace… whatever makes you feel GOOD! It really does make getting through those harder days a bit easier when you know you’re going to fill up your happy tank!

A lot of people think that’s it for me, I reached my goal weight… but like I said my journey is far from over! I’m working on strong, healthy and happy. Those things don’t just magically appear when you lose weight – you have to keep on fighting for them. And that is exactly what I intend to do!

Your Journey

So, If you’re at the start line and you feel like it’s just too far a distance to the finish line, remember there isn’t one finish line! Each goal you meet is an opportunity to celebrate and create new ones, both on and off the scales, so we just keep going through whatever life throws our way. Those numbers HAVE to stop going down, so set your focus in other places away from the scales. Think of things you’ve always wanted to do and get planning!

How our stories end is beyond our control but we can certainly write the best chapters we will ever read. Fill each one with self-love, kindness and the belief that you can do anything… because you’re the one who needs to be telling yourself: “I can..I will…just watch Me!” 

Don’t give up on you – you are more than worth it! Your journey, your way, at your own pace.

Whether you want to lose half a stone or 10 stone*, have a slimmer figure, or are just looking to get maximum nutrition in minimum time, then New You can make the perfect partner to get you to where you want to be.

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