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“This Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without New You!” Rebecca Lost 3.5 Stone & Completed a Marathon

“This Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without New You!” Rebecca Lost 3.5 Stone & Completed a Marathon

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What an amazing achievement for Rebecca. Tired of always coming last at her local running club, she knew she had to do something about her weight. Now 3.5 stone lighter, she recently ran an epic 26.2 miles in the Manchester Marathon, which she said, wouldn’t have been possible without New You.

Here is her story…

Before New You

Like us all, I have tried them all and never succeeded. So, what is it about the New Your plan that just worked? 

For me, there was a trigger point. I have always been a part of a running club, I have always been the largest female and the slowest. I have always been at the back, plodding along. Last year, I did a local 10k race and not only did I literally come last, they had packed up and one guy stood there with a cup of water and a pained look on his face. I apologised to him for having to wait for me, something that I felt I was always having to do at my running club, “sorry I am last, sorry you have waited, sorry I am slow!” I had never felt so humiliated. I vowed I would never be in that situation again. 

Getting Started

I started New You Plan the week after, I loved the simplicity of it. I loved most of the meals, I have never been a milkshake fan, so I stuck to meals and bars. 

The first week, I lost 5 pounds, I went to running club that week and ran the best I had for years. The confidence I felt was unbelievable and that feeling of taking back control really spurred me on to stay at it. As the pounds dropped off, my running improved. I found myself even leading some of the runs at the front. 3.5 stone later and I felt amazing, my confidence was through the roof. I then decided a break was needed from TFR (Total Food Replacement) and moved over to Switch. I used this time to look at what worked for me. I never thought I could take this control and balance it all around life. It’s only scary moving to Switch if you chose to let it be. I chose to enjoy and embrace all that I am learning and adapt to suit my new lifestyle. I have had people say the norm “you will gain it all back, as soon as you eat normal”, I have always said “of course I will if I go back to the way I ate before, that’s what got me where I was”. I know I am not that person now, I do not need to explain myself to them.  

Never Say Never

I have always said, I would never run a marathon but on the 14th April, I undertook and completed Manchester Marathon, 26.2 miles. This would never have been possible without The New You Plan, not only have I lost weight but I have become stronger mentally, nothing is out of reach. The training, commitment and effort it took has shown me that my body is an amazing vessel and if I look after it right it can do amazing things. Yes, I had to come off plan (in the later weeks), carb loading and energy gels have had an impact and yes, I am now straight back on plan, I am in control.  

I am now starting phase 2. I want another 2 stone loss – slow and steady this time, bit like my running.

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