Wednesday – Healthy Habits! Boost your Metabolism!

Simple Ways to Boost Your #Metabolism If you have a “good metabolism” this means your body needs more calories to function, meaning that you will find it easier to LOSE WEIGHT and MAINTAIN your weight loss. As part of the #Mchallenge, we want to encourage you to build in healthy habits that will improve your metabolism.  Most things are very […]

Tuesday Tips – Protect your Ketones!!

  One of the biggest reasons people fail on their diet is because they feel “freakin hungry!”     Does this picture relate to you? lol One of the biggest reasons our customers have so much success is that New You Plan diet meal replacements have been specially created to make you lose your hunger pangs and appetite!  This is […]

Sunday Goal Setting – Planning a Dream Holiday

What is your dream destination?  New York, Las Vegas, Thailand, Florida, Paris, Italy, Switzerland, Australia or is it to live in a slim healthy body: destination SLIMDOM. Planning a Dream Holiday     Have you ever planned a holiday in your dream destination?  If you have you will realise how much time and effort it takes.  If you want to […]

Saturday – Share, Inspire, Win New You Points

  We have had so many amazing updates this week on secret slimmers and it is so fab to see because we are all inspiring everyone on their weight loss journey!   Check out some of our top secret slimmers posts this week!!             Your task today is:    1) How would your weight loss […]

Friday – Create the Ripple Effect With New You

The #MChallenge has been the biggest challenge that we have had and it has helped so many people on their weight loss journey. If you are able to help 1 person then you are still doing an amazing job – because with you helping that one person means that they may be able to help someone else – this is […]

Tuesday Tips – 5 tips to enjoy your family Summer

*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee. WOW! We can’t believe that cleaning for 30 minutes burns so many calories… 167 in fact!! And the good news is that when you are on the New You Plan you won’t be able to sit still… you’ll be buzzing with soooo much energy! So many customers say their house has never […]

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