Share Your New You Journey On Social Media & Diet For Free

Share Your New You Journey On Social Media & Diet For Free

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Fancy getting social and sharing your New You journey online? If so, you could diet for free! This year we are giving away over £4500 worth of New You products to customers who spread the word about New You on social media. Here’s everything you need to know.

This year, we want to really get involved in our customers’ journeys, which is why we are encouraging you to get online and share as much of your time on plan, as possible.

By sharing your progress you will be making yourself accountable, as well as helping others see what is possible with our plan. Whether you share from your personal account, or set up a new one, get on social media and inspire others with your journey.

Whether it’s mixing up a shake in the morning, going live with your weekly weigh-ins or sharing how being on the plan is making you feel, by getting involved, you could diet for free.

Every month, we will choose our favourite poster on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, with each person receiving 2 weeks’ worth of New You Plan products. Plus, we are also offering the opportunity for up to 5 people a year to receive up to 3 months’ worth of New You products for blogging their journey. 

To win our sponsorship, our favourite accounts should have a good following and engagement OR, create very high quality content, which we love and we deem shareable with our followers. If you think you are a worthy ambassador for The New You Plan, get in touch by emailing: [email protected], telling us why and links to your social media site(s).

Make sure your profile is set to public, tag us and use the hashtag #newyouplan for your chance to WIN!

If you’re new to all of this, don’t panic. We have teamed up with Northern Ireland Social Media Awards ‘Family Influencer of the Year’, has shared her top tips for getting started on social media, as well as how to get noticed, get followers and get sharing.

Top tips for sharing your New You Journey on social media

Getting started

More often than not, the hardest step is getting started so this is the sign you’ve been waiting for. Do it now! The great thing about social media is that it’s for everyone. It’s never too late to set up an account and share your first post.

Pick one platform and perfect it

Believe it or not, I only post on Instagram. Why? Because I love it. I know how to use it well, I understand the features and I’ve built up a good following there. In just a couple of years, I have gained over 9000 followers organically. So one of my top tips is definitely to pick the one you’re most comfortable with and stick with it.

Practice makes perfect

There’s no right or wrong way to do this. It’s all about sharing a variety of content to see what is most engaging and resonates with your followers. One post may receive just a few likes, while another gets hundreds. Pay attention to what is working and replicate it. Basically, you are giving your followers what they want.

Be authentic

Everyday I receive a message from someone saying that the reason they follow me is because I’m real. Life isn’t always fluffy – it’s hard sometimes. Everyone has bad days and by sharing those and keeping it real, we are helping others understand that life isn’t perfect. People appreciate honesty. A lot of influencers only share the good days and it can be easy for followers to fall into the trap of believing they have a perfect life, which in turn has a negative impact on their mental health.

Keep it real

Often, it’s as simple as sharing snippets of your daily life. Whether it’s mixing up a shake in the morning, going live with your weekly weigh-ins or sharing how being on the plan makes you feel, your daily life is your content. By sharing what is already happening in your life, you don’t have to spend time creating content and working out what to post. 

Decide what aspects of your life to share

While it’s important to be authentic, it’s also a sensible idea to have boundaries. Carefully consider what aspects of your journey you are okay with sharing. While we encourage everyone to step a little outside of their comfort zone, we don’t want you to post anything that you aren’t happy with the world seeing.

Follow & engage with others

Check out diet related hashtags to follow accounts which are similar to yours. Be inspired by their content and share it. Reply to messages and comments on your page to engage with followers. 

Try a range of post types

Try posting videos, photos and text to see what your followers are responding to.

Have fun

It might be a cliche but you should have fun doing it. I enjoy thinking of new posts and ways that I can inspire others. There’s so many positives that can come from social media and you could be a part of it!

Good luck! Aideen x

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