New You Product Mixing Instructions

Total Food Replacement Diet Shakes & Soups Mixing Instructions

PLEASE NOTE:  You can add as much water as you like, so experiment to see what suits you best, some of our customers have 200ml, while others have 400ml, so find out how much water you like.

(To make New You Diet Soups just make like a shake and then heat on the hob or in a microwave.)

New You Plan: Total Food Replacement Hot Meal Country Cottage Pie

New You Plan: Total Food Replacement Hot Meal Spicy Spaghetti Noodle Nosh

New You Plan: Total Food Replacement & High Protein Porridge

New You Special Offer Bundles allow you to make up your own menu plan, so you can include any products that you wish, including meal bars, wafers, and protein snacks.

The New You Special Offer Bundles give you good value every time you order, the bundles have built in discount so you don’t need a promo code.  All you need to do is choose your products, you can save up to 17% with the bundles.

When creating your menu we find that most people get the best weight loss results when they have 3 liquids (shakes/soups) per day with 1 bar or meal, or have 4 liquids per day.  You should always have 4 products per day.  As a rule the more liquids the better, but many people get amazing weight loss results taking a bar or meal everyday, and even with a treat of protein snacks at the weekend.

The most important thing is for you to find a menu plan that works for you, with products you enjoy, and that suit your lifestyle.  If you like to sit down with your family every night then a meal is a good option for you, if you work and find it hard to make a shake at lunch time then a bar is good for you.  Create a menu plan that suits your lifestyle, and gives you structure that you can stick to.

We look forward to having you with us, for more resources please check out the New You Toolbox.

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