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Have a Vision For Your Future; At Goal, Living Life to the MAX!

Have a Vision For Your Future; At Goal, Living Life to the MAX!

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I encourage you to have a vision for your life. This is more important now than at any other time. Having a vision for future will help you to stay positive and want to make the most of this time, so that when life gets back to normal you can go and live life to the max.

Create a movie in your mind and imagine all the things you want to do when things are back to normal.

Imagine yourself at your goal when you are feeling healthy and energetic. Imagine yourself going to all the places you love to go to, with the people you love to spend time with.

Use this time of self isolation to focus on your health and wellbeing.

I asked this question in our secret slimmers group and so many people got excited when they thought about what life could be like in 12 weeks time.

Having hope for a better future is so important right now.

I encourage you to write it all down. Write down all the things you would like to do, write down how you are going to feel. Emotionally connect to the vision of your future, and keep it at the fore front of your mind every day. Especially first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.

Accept that you are in lockdown.

Watch this video…. it gives us such a positive message for us on how to view lockdown.

When you look back on your life at this time, you want to believe that it was a positive time of self connection, growth and transformation. You are doing your bit for society by staying at home, but you can also use this time to change your life, health and confidence so that when life gets back to normal you will be free in more ways than one! 🙂

Make a 12 week plan “to do plan”

We have no idea how long lockdown will last for. Some reports say May / June and some reports say that it could be much longer than that.

Let’s focus on 12 weeks as a good starting point. April, May & June. You can achieve so much in this time;

  • you could lose 3-4 stone* if you follow a total food replacement diet plan!
  • you could start a daily home work out routine, and this is something you can keep up forever!
  • you could declutter your house and get everything organised, this is so powerful for your mindset!
  • you could reorganise your wardrobe and plan out your new style for when you are going out again!
  • you could create a vision board of all the places you want to do to when life gets back to normal!

OR – you can sit and watch the news all day and comfort eat.

Create a vision for your future, accept lockdown, and make the most of it by creating YOUR NEW YOU.

You’ve got this! You can do this! It will take determination, but if you dig deep you know you can connect with the part of yourself that wants to be healthy. You can find the willpower if you really want to. It might take you a few goes to build momentum, and that is ok, you have to keep trying!

That is why we have decided to run a 5 day challenge every Monday in our secret slimmers group. This will give everyone a chance to recommit to their goals every week.

We are kicking off a NEW 5 DAY CHALLENGE ON MONDAY in our secret slimmers group.

Come and join us! We would love to support you on your weight loss journey this Spring.


Julz xo

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