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Happy 7th Birthday to New You!

Happy 7th Birthday to New You!

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WOW!  The New You Plan is 7 years old today.

total food replacement
Our First Logo from 2009

1st November 2009, was when we got our first New You customer.

I still remember the email alert coming through to tell me we had our first sale! It was one of the most exciting moments in my life and the first milestone of the New You Plan journey.

Since then we have been blessed to have had over 27,000 customers and have sold millions diet meals throughout the UK and Ireland, I still have to pinch myself some days to make sure it is for real!

Me and my girls at our New You Red Carpet event Christmas 2014

I feel like our journey hasn’t really begun yet, we have so much more to do, so many more exciting developments and innovations to act on and to continue to help even more people create a healthier happier lifestyle.

I truly believe the first 7 years of our business have all been about building our foundations, and the best is yet to come. I am really looking forward to the next 7 years with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement!

The last 7 years have been the most amazing adventure of my life!  Growing New You has been an incredible journey of self growth, as well as getting married, having 2 beautiful children, moving to a new town, and learning a lot about life in general;  I barely recognise myself from 7 years ago.

2011 and 2012 – My transformation from size 22 to size 12
Me making videos in my bedroom in 2012

I started the New You Plan from my spare bedroom in November 2009, I poured my heart and soul into providing a unique customer experience, because I knew what my customers wanted, because I was creating the weight loss solution that I wanted myself and couldn’t find.

I had done it all and tried every diet going;  The slimming classes, The pharmacy total food replacement plan. Each diet had its pros and cons.  But there was something missing from each diet I tried; I wanted a plan that had it all – simplicity, tasty food, mindset, fun, motivating results & compassionate support.

There always seemed to be an important piece of the jigsaw missing from every diet plan I tried.  Looking back it was clear how much misinformation was surrounding all the diets out there.

Meal 1
Our first branded packaging

What I wanted to create was a simple, tasty, nutritionally complete online diet meal replacement program, that helped people to get the motivating results they craved. I wanted to keep people feeling encouraged to keep going; backed up with an amazing online community with 24/7 support, fun challenges, a compassionate genuine caring service and a positive message that would help people to believe in themselves to want to change and in return make their dreams come true!

The thing that I believe makes The New You Plan so unique and different compared to our main competitors, is that the other companies in our industry are all owned by a boardroom full of people who are in the business simply to make money.  They are faceless corporations and don’t believe in the personal touch aspect.  They have never experienced what it is like to be overwhelmed and overweight, to feel stuck and disheartened.  They don’t see that weight loss is a unique jigsaw puzzle for each and every person, it doesn’t simply mean eat our meal replacements and lose weight.

For 7 Years We have been donating toys to the Christmas Family Appeal for Families living in Poverty.

For me, the whole 7 year journey has been about changing lives and genuinely caring about people, helping them find that part inside themselves that believes they can achieve their dreams; to be slim, healthy, happy and enjoy a balanced lifestyle, and to overcome the challenges that they will face on the way with optimism.

Every week I get the pleasure of reading a message from a customer telling me how much the New You Plan has changed their life, it never gets old, every message makes me well up with tears of gratitude, that I have been blessed to be able to create something that genuinely changes people’s lives. It drives me to keep going, to keep improving, to become a better person, and create better solutions.

Julz, April 2016

The New You Plan is a never ending mission of mine, simply because this whole adventure is a reflection of my own journey in life, and as I grow and get better within myself it inspires me with new ways we can help more people in the same situation.

I am far from perfect when it comes to weight loss, I have the same challenges that many of my customers have, but somehow it is through my journey and my involvement with helping thousands of other people through their journey, that we can create solutions that truly do deliver results.

I had difficult pregnancies in 2010 and 2013 and gained a lot of weight each time due to pelvic instability – which made it difficult and painful to walk, and also caused me to have 2 falls and break my ankles.  At my heaviest I was a Size 22 (BMI 47).  So I know first hand the challenges that face someone who is totally overwhelmed with their weight.  I am currently a size 12 and want to be a size 8, and I personally know the challenges that come with that too!

Me after breaking my ankle in 2015

There is a saying that success rarely happens in a straight line. It is pretty amazing when it does, but real life happens, and on my weight loss journey, my pregnancies, in my marriage, as a mum, and in my business journey over the last 7 years, things haven’t always went according to plan, there has been new challenges to overcome, surprising curve balls thrown from time to time, and many lessons learnt along the way.

I am more committed now than ever to my personal health and well being, and to ensure that New You continues to improve our solutions for our customers.  I know that our best days are still ahead of us, and that our future is bright, because my heart is yearning to master my own journey, and to help and serve millions of others to do the same.

Summer Transformation Challenge in 2013

I am very open about my journey with our customers, in fact if I found this whole weight loss thing so easy then I doubt that anyone could truly relate to me, because lets face it, most people do not find losing weight and maintaining weight easy and its hard  to take advice from someone who hasn’t experienced it.

I have learnt that the best people to take advice from are people who have achieved what I want to achieve. If you want advice on how to make money, don’t ask someone who is broke, or someone who inherited millions.  Same applies to everything in life… get advice from the people who have actually been there and done it!

I know from personal experience, that it is very hard to take advice about dieting from 2 types of people:-

1.)  Someone who has never been overweight
2.)  Someone who is more overweight than you

Candida socialOur community is so special, and just recently we introduced the New You Cheerleaders, which is an amazing group of customers, who have achieved amazing success and overcome their own personal challenges, and now are helping others to do the same!  These are the people who can change lives and help us to develop and grow as a family and to become the most effective and complete online weight loss solution available.

“The road to success is always under construction, it is a progressive course, not an end to be reached.”  Tony Robbins

Expect much more from The New You Plan over the next 7 years, just like you, our best days are still to come!

I am working on a few exciting projects that I know will help so many people to Get Slim, Stay Slim & Live Life!

Julie-Ann (right) with one of her customers Emer, who lost 11 stone
Julie-Ann (right) with one of her customers Emer, who lost 11 stone

A special shout out to all our amazing gorgeous customers, your loyalty and friendship is valued beyond words. I have made best friends for life with some of our customers.  You all know who you are!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship over the years.

To our team in the office and warehouse, your commitment and loyalty is appreciated so much.  I don’t know where I would be without you guys!

And to you, reading this blog post now…. My message to you is this….

No matter how big your goals always believe in your heart that you can achieve them even when things are going against you. Keep going. Keep believing. Keep your enthusiasm! Success rarely happens without struggle! So keep going, be resilient, be persistent, And see where your consistent action takes you in the next 7 years!

I hope to see you in our secret slimmers community this week as we are having a 7 day birthday party this week, with party games and prizes, from Jo Malone, Ted Baker, Michael Kors, Estee Lauder & Charlotte Tilbury.  Secret Slimmers is our 5000 strong online weight loss community exclusive to new you customers, if you would like to lose weight, make friends, and have a whole lot of fun, then why not try us out today!

To CELEBRATE our 7th Birthday we have a special promotion and you can buy 77 meals and snacks of your choice for £77 – with Free P&P to UK & Ireland.  New customers have a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.



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