Woohoo! Let’s Get Started!

Woohoo! Let’s Get Started!

Welcome Aboard The NEW YOU PLAN VLCD Diet Plan

How To Get Started!

Welcome to The New You Plan, whether you want to lose 1 stone to look good in that dress, or if you want to totally transform your body, mind and lifestyle, we have a diet solution for you.

The New You Plan is passionate about helping our customers achieve their weight loss goals and making the changes for long lasting success and healthy living.  New You specialises in Total Food Replacement diet meal replacements for safe rapid weight loss via KETOSIS.  Ketosis means that your body burns fat faster, giving you motivating results without feeling hungry.  In a matter of short weeks your clothes will be falling off you and you will have more confidence than you have had in ages.   Our diet meal replacements are YUMMY! Seriously, you will not even think you are on a diet, our customers always email us to say they are AMAZED at how good the products taste.  Ladies and men take any 4 TFR VLCD products per day.  You can choose from shakes, soups, porridges, hot meals and meal bars and we also have a range of tasty snacks suitable for ketosis which can be used as treats on top of your 4.   We offer a great range of nutritionally complete total food replacement products and VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) products – all the meal packs we sell will help you to get into and keep you in ketosis for rapid fat burning results.     

  • Shakes – Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Crispy Vanilla and Crispy Chocolate
  • Soups – Vegetable, Tomato, Mushroom and Chicken
  • Hot Meals – Spicy Noodle Nosh, Cottage Pie, Vegetable Chili and Chicken Noodle Curry
  • Porridge – Original
  • Bars – Wide mixture from Raspberry & White Chocolate, Chocolate Hazlenut, Chocolate Cream Cookie, Lemon Yoghurt, Chocolate Truffa and more!
  • Snacks – Wafers, Puff snacks and nuts as a treat

At New You we set ourselves apart from other diet meal replacement companies by offering our clients an amazing community with weight loss challenges, support groups, personal development and weight loss motivation videos and articles.  In summer 2013 we had a transformation challenge, and the winner was Melissa! Check out her video to see her transformation!  



When the time comes to refeed we also have special packages that include diet meal replacements and the diet plate.  The diet plate is a portion control plate that helps you to relearn healthy portion sizes. We have plates for both men and women, and it comes with a book that ensures you know the right foods to eat, so that you can have the confidence that when you get to your slim healthy weight you will have no problem in maintaining and enjoying a healthy lifestyle and diet.

The New You is a journey, and we are here to help you every step of the way. We are excited that you are considering our plan, and hope that you find the information you need on our website, but if you have any questions or just want to speak to someone to make sure you understand everything then please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call us for a friendly chat.

We have helped OVER TEN THOUSAND people from the UK and Ireland lose weight and Create their New You! Now we want to HELP YOU!

Here’s a photo of one of our lovely customers called Lisa who has lost 6 stone with The New You Plan.  You can meet Lisa in our Secret Slimmers support group on facebook, as she is now a member of our customer smiles team!!  We are so dedicated to helping our customers GET AND STAY SLIM, you really will love our support network, it is extraordinary and like nothing you will have ever have experienced before.



If you want to speak to us on the phone for a friendly chat, just call us!  We are more than happy to answer your questions and give you all the information you need for you to decide if The New You Plan is right for you.

UK 02838330720

ROI 04838330720

Overseas 00442838330720

We deliver to all UK & Ireland addresses and even if you live in another country we will still try and deliver to you – please email us for more information.


[quote]Just back from doc for another 2 week check up and they are so impressed with how the new you is working for me they are going to recommend it to other patients!! ~ Post taken from Secret Slimmers[/quote]

Your First Steps With New You:-

1. ORDER your diet meal replacement products

New You Plan TFR meal replacements are specially formulated to provide you with all the nutritional requirements to keep you healthy while promoting safe rapid weight loss in your body through a natural process called ketosis.

Choose from shakes, soups, meal bars, hot meals, porridge and snacks!! The choice is amazing, and the products taste really good. Get a good mixture so you can experiment!!


Go for the 1 week or the 1 month option.

The average person can easily drop 1-2 dresses per month (check out our Monthly Weight Loss Challenges for real results of our clients now. In our recent weight loss challenge we LOST 102 STONE as a team 6 weeks!). The rapid results encourage motivation and promote a feeling of transformation in your mindset. Harnessing the power of the rapid transformation of your body, it is important to use this time to transform your mind, so that when you get to your goal you can be confident of not only maintaining but of truly enjoying a healthy lifestyle with ease and breaking the yo yo diet cycle once and for all.

This gets you OFF to the fastest start possible! We can’t wait to help you! Get your order placed NOW so we can ship it out TODAY same day dispatch (orders placed before 3pm Monday – Friday). 

2. JOIN OUR SECRET SLIMMERS ONLINE FACEBOOK GROUP FOR SUPPORT WITH 2000+ Dieters who are shrinking & finding their New You!

Our customers RAVE DAILY about how much easier it is to lose weight when they can check in with others who are doing what they want to do!

Check this out! We have members helping members! Check in at lunch, when you have a hard time, when you need a virtual hug or someone to shout, “YOU CAN DO THIS!” We hear on a daily basis that this is the BEST thing people have ever seen!!!  Our secret slimmers group is TOTALLY SECRET, only members of the group can see your activity.  This really is the most amazing inspirational group of people you will ever meet.  

To begin the NEW YOU lifestyle, you need to find some great ‘diet and lifestyle’ buddies to hang out with! We made it easy!! This super secret group is private, fun and everyone is supportive.  You will be amazed at the level of support, encouragement and friendship that you will find when you are part of this amazing group.

As it is secret none of your friends will know you are in the group, so you can really be yourself, and just enjoy being part of this inspirational community, where everyone is striving for ONE COMMON GOAL – to live a slimmer healthier lifestyle!! The team spirit will lift you and inspire you!!

Once you place your first order just ask us to be added in and that will be you on your way! (I Can’t WAIT to meet you!) 

3. CHANGING YOUR LIFE… we’re here every step of the way!

Healthy habits are an important element of making maintenance easy and successful.

The New You Plan has tools that will help you to build in the healthy habits that will be the foundation of making your new you slimmer life enjoyable and easy. These include teaching portion control to help you maintain your slim figure in the long term.

We also hold regular Weight Loss Challenges on our blog.

New You Diet Meal Replacements & The Diet Plate – perfect for refeed and weight loss without TFR

We even support you when you reach your goal, or are ready to add 1-meal per day or more to your plan!

Our system includes LONG TERM results and support, as we help you to add food back into your diet and keep The New YOU!  We recommend you use the diet plate to relearn portion control and healthy food groups and join our free MOMENTUM MAINTAINERS group on facebook, exclusive to New You customers.

RECEIVE FREE access to our 7 day kick start online video programme. This will be delivered to you online for FREE after you place your first order.

We are here to help you KICK START and stay on track! We’ve taken all the guess work away and you can lose weight, FINALLY, without having to think of, “What comes next?”

7 DAY KICK START PROGRAMME – This programme is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight, but at this moment of time is unsure whether they have the confidence to commit to a more advanced programme. This simple one week programme will help you to get through the first 7 days of Total Food Replacement, walking you through the practical tips of what to expect and the process of ketosis and also helping you to build your confidence to take the leap to totally transform your body and mind with one of our advanced programmes.



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