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February Love Theme: Warmth

February Love Theme: Warmth

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Today our daily theme for #LoveYourBody in February is WARMTH.

10 Ways The New You Plan Brings You Warmth 🙂

Being warm is a nice cosy feeling isn’t it?

No body likes to be left out in the cold, or get the cold shoulder, we all want to feel warm and included.

Here are 10 ways that the new you plan will bring warmth to your life;

  1. When you are on track with your goals – you feel good inside and RADIATE A WARM GLOW that makes you feel on top of the world!
  2. When people see you dropping pounds – they can see you are getting HOTTER & HOTTER! When you are losing weight this improves your waistline and facial features improving your looks! #HottieAlert!
  3. When you are killing it, and ON FIRE WITH YOUR GOALS, you ooze confidence! Confidence is attractive and inspires others, especially if you have really turned your life and health around!
  4. When you INSPIRE people to take action because they have seen the change you have created in your life, there is NO BETTER FEELING! Knowing that you inspired someone to get healthy, will make you not only feel WARM INSIDE, but humbled too.
  5. When you are comfortable in your own skin and have good self esteem from building trust with yourself, this makes you come across as FRIENDLY AND WARM. More people notice this and you will find you are approached more and more people offer to help you.
  6. When you are becoming the best version of yourself, you become more ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT THE FUTURE, this WARMS people to your personality as you make people feel ALIVE!
  7. When you are being kind to yourself and making your health and wellbeing a priority, this kindness spreads to others too, as you become more compassionate for your own journey; people feel that you are an AUTHENTIC, KIND & WARM person, who they love to be around.
  8. When you join our SECRET SLIMMERS community on facebook you will be blown away at the WARM WELCOME and the encouragement and support you get on your new you journey.
  9. As you build confidence in yourself, and build in the habits and mindsets that support your dreams, you will be fanning the FLAMES OF YOUR BURNING DESIRE. The more you achieve the brighter your flame with burn! Lighting up your whole world, and encouraging you to do and try new adventures!
  10. When the summer time comes, in 5 months time, you could be 5 stone lighter! And when the sun comes out, and the weather is WARM, you will be able to enjoy it, because you won’t be hiding away, feeling like you want to hide your body. You will be wearing what you want and feeling WARM AND PROUD of what you have achieved after 5 months of pure dedication to your DREAMS!

Are you ready to create your new you? Set fire to your desire and get moving towards a future that is filled with warmth, health and joy!



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