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February Love Theme:  Communication

February Love Theme: Communication

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Communication is a huge part of self love.

How we talk to ourselves, sets the tone for our whole lives. It creates our beliefs, our standards and our reality.

It is natural for all of us to fall into the trap of beating ourselves up from time to time, but if this is our inner critic is our biggest voice it can create a lot of unhappiness in our lives and lead to a lot of ill health.


When you make the decision to start loving yourself, one of the first things that you can change immediately is how you talk to yourself.

Stop beating yourself up. Start being compassionate to yourself.

Stop telling yourself you are stupid. Start recognising how you are doing your best in difficult situations.

Stop focusing on the parts of your body you don’t like. Start focusing on feeling grateful for the things you body can do.

Stop saying F**K IT and going on a month long binge because you went off plan for 1 day. Start supporting yourself by looking at how you can get back on track and show yourself self love.

Becoming aware of how you talk to yourself is the first step to real change. If you really want to create a new you, then changing how you communicate with yourself is a huge part of that.

TASK: Every day for the rest of February, say to yourself at least once a day… “I love myself” if you can say it 10 times, but I know you can do it at least once a day. It might feel weird or uncomfortable at first. But stick with it. You need to be able to tell yourself that you love yourself. It is the first step to self love. xox


When I was at my lowest, I really noticed that the days I felt better were the days that I talked kindly to myself.

Some people say that talking kindly to plants help them grow, but talking negatively to plants causes them to die. If words can do this to a plant, what could the words that you speak to yourself every single day do to your soul and your dreams?

I hope you have enjoyed the first week of our FEBRUARY LOVE THEME.

I have had 2 sick kids this week, so I haven’t been as active online as normal.

I will be reporting in with my weekly weigh in blog post on Sunday this week, rather than Saturday.

Much Love,

Julz xo

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