Emer lost 11 stone with The New You Plan

Emer lost 11 stone

For over five years now, The New You Plan has helped thousands of customers completely transform their lives. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing the life changing effects the plan has and one of the first customers to do just that was Emer McKenna. At almost 22 stone, Emer had hit rock bottom and knew that she was the only one who could take control. Finding the plan, she has lost a staggering 11 stone and has never felt healthier, happier or fitter than she does now. Today, she delves deep as she shares her emotional reasons for taking action. Grab a cuppa and watch her interview and read her words below.



How I took control & changed my life

My weight loss journey started about five years ago. I was stuck in a rut and I decided one day that I was going to change my life. I was obese all of my life – morbidly obese. I was nearly 22 stone and I decided I was going to change my life because I was fed up. When I was at my heaviest I can pinpoint the day that I made this decision. I know that day well. I was going to a concert in Dublin and I was walking down the road a few steps ahead of my friends and there were three gentlemen walking towards us, two of whom were holding the other one up because he was quite inebriated. As he was walking up to me he said to his friend: “How fat is she?!” I had never been told that in no uncertain terms before. People had always sugar coated it for me and that was strange and had such an impact on me. That was the day I decided I’m going to do something. Nobody is going to do this for me. I am going to do this and I did it.

Finding The New You Plan

I moved and started a new job and so started total food replacement (TFR). I quickly found that TFR really suited me because I loved the control that not eating gave me and I never had that before. So I started on another plan and one day I Googled that plan and I found The New You Plan as an alternative.

Starting out

So I got started and bought my first bundle and I was on TFR for 5 months. I had my week break every now and again but I did the plan hardcore for five months and I lost a significant amount of weight in those first few months. All-in-all from my heaviest to my lightest, I’ve lost 11 stone… so I’ve lost a me! Emer lost 11 stone I started off at my heaviest when I was teetering on 22 stone. I was a size 22 to 24 and because I’m quite tall everyone said: “Oh you carry it well” or “You’re big boned” – that was a very popular one. I don’t accept that now at all. I was a size 22 to 24 and I’ve gone down to a size 10 to 12… I know!!

The support in Secret Slimmers

When I started the plan there was the main Facebook page and then Julz began setting up Secret Slimmers. I think there were only about 7 of us in the group at that time and it was a close network of people and the support was great because if you ever felt like blipping you just go on there and say that – that you feel like crap and need help. The girls were great! I cannot believe the amount of support for the amount of people (over 4000 members) that are on Secret Slimmers. The amount of support you receive when you put up a post is incredible! When I put up my before and after photos I had something like 246 likes – 246 people had seen me! That is amazing. Emer lost 11 stone Trust me – if I can do it – if me, Emer McKenna can do it, anyone can do it. You have no excuses. You have to be in the right place in your head and once you hit that bottom, you say: “Right okay, I’m going to dig myself out.” There are thousands of people there for you in Secret Slimmers. Take advantage of it and when you’re feeling low get on there – you will get the support you need.

Continuing success

When I found the days hard I just thought I’m not going to do this forever but I am going to change my life and when I came off TFR and I was maintaining, I found that great! At the moment I’m doing 5:2, which I find works for me. This is the first diet that has ever worked for me. With other well-known diets I would lose a certain amount of weight and then it would just stagnate, whereas with New You I see results straight away. Emer lost 11 stone Like the first time back on the plan I lost 17lbs in the first week – that’s a huge amount and it gives you great impetus to keep going so I would highly recommend it to those people who are afraid because I understand when you come off TFR or you are thinking about coming off TFR, the actual action of eating is scary. The second you put something solid into your mouth you think ‘that’s the weight back on’. I find with doing 5:2, for my two TFR days I’m only on 500 calories (that’ 3 products per day) and this completely refocused my mind and I would drop between 5 and 10 pounds in one week and that’s massive – that’s a lot of water weight. 5:2 definitely keeps me on an even keel. I’m not finding that I’m losing that much more but I am not also denying myself anything. I have my treats but on Sunday nights I actually find myself looking forward to going back on plan for 2 days. I do 3 Shakes per day. And I enjoy that and again it refocuses me for the week.

The New You Plan photo shoot

When I was asked to do the photo shoot I was thrilled! It’s every little girls’ dream to do a photo shoot and to look really pretty. I’m a bit of a tomboy so when Julz asked me to do it I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t wait! We came over last night and met the girls and had great craic. When we came here today I was like a kid in a candy store – I just got to try on so many clothes. And I wasn’t afraid to try them on. I gave it a go and there were some that didn’t fit me but I’m not a size 8 and I’m 5ft 9 so they weren’t ever going to fit me. But just trying on something and knowing that it’s going to fit and not look stupid, and having my hair and make-up done was an amazing experience, and definitely worth every second of TFR that I have gone through. Emer lost 11 stone Everyone has been so nice and there’s a real family feeling at New You. I’ve known Julz for three and a half to four years now and I just consider her part of my family. The New You family is so supportive through all of this so it was second nature to come over here and do this today. It was wonderful.

How The New You Plan has changed my life

Emer lost 11 stoneI can go out now and put my child up on my back and wear him out. I can go for a two or three mile walk and it doesn’t knock a spot off me. I’ve even done mini marathons. I’ve always wanted to run since I was a kid but I was always too heavy and that was another thing that I decided that I was the only person who could do this so I started running so the weight came off quicker to begin with. Basically I can do anything I want now whereas I couldn’t do it before. I can sit comfortably on a rollercoaster and I couldn’t do that before. I can belt a seatbelt without it craning – I couldn’t do that before. I can get off a step, a stoop or a low stool without having to roll over to get up – that to me is one of the biggest things. It’s the little things that make such a difference in my life. It’s an amazing feeling to lose that amount of weight. Emer lost 11 stone I was never able to go into shop and pick up anything I liked. Evans shop was my best friend and it was very demoralising because all of my friends are stick thin basically. I used to get: “Oh but you’re so pretty!” NO! And “You’re big boned!” NO! I don’t accept that. Now I can go into any shop I want and pick up a size 10-12 and put it on, but yet I think to myself that I should bring in the size 14 and I’m always wrong to bring that 14 in. Emer lost 11 stone The plan has impacted all areas of my life because I have two babies and I am able to roll around with them on the floor and not get out of breath and I’m able to run after them and not feel out of breath and I feel that growing up they’ll have a mam that they can be proud of and not be embarrassed by and that’s very important to me.

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