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Customer Jennifer Shares How She Changed Her Daily Routine, Lost 3 Stone & Created Success!

Customer Jennifer Shares How She Changed Her Daily Routine, Lost 3 Stone & Created Success!

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Jennifer’s life was lacking routine and structure. As she is the sole carer for her two daughters, her life can be chaotic so naturally, convenience food became the norm. She began suffering from stress and health problems and her goal was to get back to feeling fit and healthy. Thankfully, she found The New You Plan, has lost over 3 stone and has changed her daily routine to create success. Here, she shares how she did it.

Getting Active

I got up 30 minutes earlier each day to do some stretching and as many 10-15 minute YouTube videos as I could fit in. I created a playlist and followed instructors I liked and mixed up their videos so I was focusing on different parts of the body across the week.

It’s important to remember to tailor the exercises to suit you, so for example, sit down to do some of the moves, pause it while you have a rest / walk / stretch / glass of water, skip certain moves that are too hard for you yet and instead of just standing still, march on the spot.  I also tried to do some between work calls and I stood up whilst on phone or video calls or arranged a “walking meeting” where I would phone someone on my headset and walk around the river or park.  

I try to fit in a 30 minute walk or jog at lunch time and sometimes I take water bottle and meal with me.  I put on a fun, dance playlist and downloaded the Couch to 5k app, as well as an app which tracks distance and times so I could see my progress. I started by jogging for 1 minutes and walking for 30 seconds and now I can run in 12 minute blocks without stopping. 

I like to have goals and challenges to keep me focused so I got involved with online fundraisers to do so many squats or press ups or swimming in the month for different charities. I loved doing that as I took photos each day and shared my journey.  Friends online were so supportive and donated to some great causes!

I then looked at my diary and blocked out time to do exercise. I signed up to a 6 week personal training strength and conditioning course at a small, local gym. It was great! I learnt a lot about how to move correctly when doing a wide range of exercises and I toned up. Friends did similar classes called “HIIT”.  

Time Saving Techniques

I made sure I maximised my time by replying to emails in the car around the school run and I had a shower and styled my hair at the gym, which saved time driving to work. I also looked at other time savers such as running for 20 minutes around the area where I dropped my children at a 45 minute club, instead of just sitting in the car or waiting room. I found a small park where I stopped to do stretches and standing exercises part of the way around. I also did a fun softball cricket festival and made friends. I joined a local village team and the ladies are lovely, non judgmental, all shapes, sizes and fitness levels and we train an hour a week and play matches around every other Sunday. It doesn’t matter if we win or not, we are laughing, chatting and out in the fresh air. We have also arranged socials like crazy golf and axe throwing! 

Rewarding Results

Each time I have gone down a dress size I have immediately taken the larger size to the charity shop or sold them online. I have bought very cheap online staples to tide me over during the weight loss process.  I have chosen fitted clothing rather than stretchy ones so I can see the toning up and weight loss. I also took photos in a dress that didn’t fit at all, then when I could get the zip half way, then all the way! I also scheduled in non-food treats for myself to work towards a goal or date such as a girls’ night out, a music gig, an upcoming wedding I was attending. I invested in “smart scales” which sync to your phone so the weight loss, muscle gain and hydration levels amongst other levels were automatically recorded and I could set goals to achieve. 

Staying Hydrated

Drinks-wise I had a water bottle in the car, bedroom, kitchen and study.  In the warm weather I would freeze a few over night. I didn’t have fizzy or other drinks in the house as temptation and bought these as a “treat” for the children when we were out and about. I bought a range of herbal teas to try and a range of plant milk to try, and over time I’ve got less of a sweet tooth. I sip throughout the day starting as soon as I wake. Initially, I was going to the toilet all the time but my body soon adjusted.  Luckily I’ve always liked the taste of plain water so trying to drink 4 litres a day wasn’t too hard after the first month.

The New You Plan Meals

Food wise it is trial and error. I was disheartened when I didn’t like a pack but I kept going and didn’t buy that item again. I noted down which I liked and why so I could remember when next ordering. I found shakes, crisps and bars great for in the car on the school run, running errands, days out and when walking around town and soon adjusted to “being prepared” for myself and the children or just getting them food when out. I worked on not finishing their meals if they didn’t and I adjusted to feeling it was ok to put some food in the bin. I started using smaller plates for all of us and serving smaller portions.  

New You Switch

On switch, in the evenings I made us all vegetables or salad with our main and we don’t miss potatoes / rice / pasta on the side at all.  If I had a party or was indulgent I would just revisit the long mirror I bought, look at myself, imagine where I wanted to be and drink plenty of water. Protein was a big key. I now have protein everything and love it – protein yogurt and protein granola, sometimes with fruit in the morning or a protein shake.  Protein bar or salad or soup with proteins and then a half protein dish and half veg plate for evening meal.  

The Future…

I have a big sun holiday coming up though so I’m going to go TFR for a two month blitz as I have let things slip. I can blame a busy work and home life but the buck stops with me. I’m accountable for the smaller clothes not fitting so I’m doing something about it. 

My Advice…

The bottom line is it’s a slow, steady race so be consistent with small, manageable changes and celebrate success. Learn from mistakes – we are all human, eating the cake or having the cocktail is done, just keep moving and looking forward. Plan as much time as you can for prep, fun, exercise and self reflection – make it as an appointment with yourself.  Be unapologetically you. You are worth it! 

Jennifer Did It & You Can Too

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