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Creativity Boosts Weight Loss

Creativity Boosts Weight Loss

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Tonight I went to a floristry workshop with a great friend and made a MiniJohn Terrarium!

I have been to about 5 floristry workshops in the last year, and I really love them. I am thinking of going a painting workshop next month.

So much of our social life can evolve around food and drink, finding something creative to do for a date night or a night out with a friend is a great way to do something fun with someone.

If you find a new hobby in the process, even better, as this will give you something new to spend you time on.

Being creative can be very therapeutic, and when you complete your project you get a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Plus every time I look at my terrarium I will feel happy 🙂

How does being creative boost weight loss and help with weight maintenance?

  • Doing something you enjoy that does not involve food and drink is key!
  • It keeps your mind busy as you get lost in being creative.
  • Being creative is therapeutic which means it calms your mind and makes you feel more present, which helps to prevent emotional eating.
  • Having a sense of achievement makes you feel fulfilled and increases your sense of self esteem and self worth.
  • Being able to enjoy the end result of your creativity project will make you feel happy and proud, which will also help prevent emotional eating.

Why not search google for creativity workshops and see what is available in your local area?


Julz xox

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