Day 05: Damian’s New You Weight Loss Diary*

Day-5 Glad to be in Ketosis by The New You Plan on Thursday, 27 October 2011 at 22:03 *Results may vary, this is not a guarantee. Evening all, Just home from a really long day. I woke up this morning and new I was in Ketosis, I wasn’t hungry and felt satisfied, so I kind of just knew. As it transpired, I was […]

Day 04: Damian’s New You Weight Loss Diary*

Day-4 What’s the catch? Seeing a difference already! by The New You Plan on Wednesday, 26 October 2011 at 21:09 *Results may vary, this is not a guarantee. Howdy! I expected the first 4 days to be a bit of a nightmare – full of cravings, feeling weak, walking the walls and the likes… But, not wanting to tempt fate, I really have had […]

Day 03: Damian’s Weight Loss Diary*

Day 3 – Thank God for Bars! by The New You Plan on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 at 20:51  *Results may vary, this is not a guarantee. Hey All, Damian here Today was hectic. I stayed up way way too late last night, and as a result was pressed for time this morning. I was hungry when I woke up, and because I […]

Welcome to The New You Diet Blog

Woohoo!  Welcome to the brand spanking new blog for New You Diet. I am so excited to have this nice new shiny blog and will be hoping that we can build up a great online community here so please do leave comments and share the blog posts with your friends on facebook etc. This blog will be updated regularly with… Weight […]

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