Day 13 New You Plan Weight Loss Challenge – WIN AN IPOD

Day 13 – Lucky for some!  Today you could be LUCKY and win an ipod!  Watch the video to find out how! [highlight]I REALLY hope you will watch and listen to today’s video, as I know this will help you if you have been struggling with your weight. [/highlight] I hope this message will give you the inspiration to take action

Day 12 New You Plan Weight Loss Challenge

Hi all my lovely May Weight Loss Challengers – I hope your weekend has got off to a lovely start. The sun is shining where I am today, and I really want to get out and enjoy the day with Isabella!  So I am going to go for a big walk, going to aim for 3 miles.  That will be

Day 11 New You Plan Weight Loss Challenge

Legs 11 – Day 11 🙂 of the new you plan weight loss challenge! Woohooo! xx [SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH TODAY’S VIDEO] Woohoo I hope your legs are getting plenty of exercise after yesterday’s video.  The topic was IT IS TIME TO GET ACTIVE, and we looked at how you can start building some exercise into your life to help

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