What is VLCD?

VLCD stands for Very Low Calorie Diet and is defined as a diet in which you typically have 800 kilocalories per day or less. This coupled with the fact that The New You Plan products are nutritionally complete and are designed to be ketogenic means that you are given the best possible tools to lose weight.

One of the key elements to success with a VLCD is ensuring that you adhere to the timescales for following the programme as outlined in the guidelines which suggest that you follow the diet for no more than 12 weeks at a time with a 2 week break at the end of each 12 week cycle.

This leads into the next question regarding our Very Low Calorie (VLCD) which is who is this diet suitable for?  Thankfully this is also quite straight forward,

Total Food Replacement General  TFR / Very Low Calorie Diet VLCD Guidelines:

• Get your doctors approval and blood pressure checked before you start.

• A check up with your doctor every 28 days while on a Total Food Replacement  plan is also recommended.

• You should only start Total Food  Replacement if your BMI is 25 or more.

• It is also recommended that you should  take at least a two week break from  Total Food Replacement after 12 weeks.

• You should have NO medical  contra-indications listed below.

• You should have at least 450 cals per day


• An eating disorder or taking anti-obesity drugs

• Arrhythmia, Bradycardia or Tachycaria, or taking (Digoxin) to treat heart rate irregularities.

• Convulsions or Epileptic seizures or  taking anti-convulsant drugs

• A serious heart condition, heart disease,  or suffered a heart attack.

• Severe psychiatric disorders including  manic depression, (Bipolar disorder)  Psychosis, chizophrenia and or taking  MORI and Lithium drugs.

• Recent Stroke or taking Anti-coagulants,  Antithrombotics or Fibrolytics

• Total Lactose intolerance

• Type 1 Diabetes or taking insulin

• Severe Kidney or Liver disease

• High Blood Pressure (programme above  1200kcal only with Doctors approval and  monitoring)

• Diabetes with Medication –

• Gout (programme above 1200kcal only with Doctors approval and monitoring)

• Taking any prescribed medications  (Doctors approval and monitoring required)

• Had any serious illness, injury, trauma or surgery within 3 months

• Had preventative Thrombosis  medication in the last 6 months

• Had an Angina attack in the last 12 months

• Are about to undergo surgery

• Are Pregnant – Given birth in the last 3months (or had a miscarriage 20+

weeks gestation) –

• Breast feeding (baby’s sole source  of nutrition)Pregnant / Breastfeeding or  Women given birth within 3 months

• Children below 16 years

• Diabetics Type 1 or Diabetes Insipidus

• Within 3 months of Heart Attack,  Operation, Serious Accident, Stroke

• BMI below 25

• Heart, Kidney, Liver Disease or  Condition

• Porphyria (a rare genetic disease)

• Severe Depression

• Anorexia or Bulimia Nervosa

The following conditions do need Medical monitoring –

• Thrombosis or medical for Thrombosis  within the last 6 months,

• An Angina attack in the last 12 months,

• Any serious illness, injury, trauma and or  surgery in the last 3 months

• Diabetes 2

• Hypertension

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