What is Ketosis?

The New You Plan diet is what is known as a Very Low Calorie (VLCD), Total Food Replacement (TFR), Ketosis diet. You will find more information on the two former terms by clicking on the words which will direct you to the relevant pages explaining what they are.  This article is purely intended to define what a ketogenic diet is.

In the simplest of terms a Ketogenic or ketosis diet is any diet which restricts carbohydrates to the point where your body is no longer using this as its primary source of energy. A common misconception is that Total Food replacement diets remove all carbohydrate and sugars. This is not true and would actually risk being harmful. Rather our products are created in such a way that they balance all nutritional elements to a point where this state becomes safely achievable. Therefore ketosis means that the body has fuelled in such a way that it doesn’t have enough glucose available to use as energy, at this point the body switches into a state where it metabolises fat for energy and molecules called ketones are produced as a result of this process.

The next logical question therefore is how do I get into ketosis and how will I know when I am there? This is fairly simple, as I say our products are designed to do this for you without you having to do any additional work. Follow the recommended guide lines regarding the number of products you should have in a day based on your current weight and the products themselves will do the rest. The process itself can take between 3 to 7 days depending on the individual.

Finally therefore I will list the ways that you can tell if you are in ketosis:

1) Metal taste in the mouth – drink lots of water and use our breath strips

2) Strong smelling urine – lots of water will help here as it will continually flush your system

3) You may notice that your hands and feet would get cold – an extra layer helps

4) You will have feelings of well-being / euphoria

5) You will not be hungry! – which is awesome given that you are on a diet!

6) Massive increases in your energy levels – you may find your house is suddenly a lot cleaner than it has ever been!

7) Rapid weight loss

8) You can buy Ketostix that test the level of ketones in your urine. Take the time to read the instructions as understanding the readings on these can be frustrating. The ketostix aren’t 100% accurate so its best to judge off weightloss / inchloss. If you are 100% on the plan you WILL be in ketosis. We suggest that you need to check first thing in the morning before you eat or drink for the most accurate result. Don’t worry if it is not a dark shade of purpule, in fact – it is a good thing it’s not deep purple as it shows she is well hydrated. Basically any shade of pink is perfect!

As you can see ketosis plays a fairly big role in your success on this plan so as a final note we suggest that you do not eat or drink anything that has not been cleared by us as even a small amount of something that is seemingly innocent can have a big impact on this state.


*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

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