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MINDSET MONDAY You are more than a number on a scale

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Today I want you to remember that YOU ARE MORE THAN A NUMBER ON A SCALE.

Every Monday at the new you plan we focus on helping you with your mindset.  Mindset is such a MASSIVE part of weight loss and weight maintenance.  The first thing you need to do in this new you journey is LOVE YOURSELF, no matter what size you are, you need to realise that you are more than a number on a scale.


You Are More Than A Number On A Scale

This month we are looking to help 2000 people drop a jean size on our diet plan!  At the new you plan we are totally and utterly devoted to helping people to lose weight, feel great and create a new healthy happy lifestyle!  Getting focused on losing weight is a positive thing, but it has to be in the context of you improving your health and your life.  You need to love and value yourself first.

The scales and your weight, do not tell you how amazing you are at being a mum, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a dad, a son, an uncle or an aunt.  They don’t say how much you kick ass in your career or hobbies, or how kind and caring and loving you are.  They don’t say how much you love animals, or support charities or your church.


I have experienced two very hard pregnancies that made me balloon up and experience the heart ache of being very obese.  But am I less of a person because I am over weight? NO.  I am not.  And I want to make sure that today, you realise that YOU ARE MORE THAN A NUMBER ON THE SCALE.

The scales represent just your weight.  We all want to slim and healthy, and to have good energy, self esteem and stylish clothes.  We all want to be comfortable and confident in social situations.  Wanting to lose weight is a positive thing as it helps us to improve the quality of our life and our health.  But just because we are overweight, does not mean that we are worth less as people!!  Look upon yourself with respect… YOU ARE AMAZING… you are on the right road, and you will get to your goal.  The more you learn to love and value yourself on this journey the easier and more enjoyable this journey will be!


It is SO IMPORTANT to feel good about yourself today, and do not let your weight equal your value.  YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN A NUMBER ON THE SCALES.  The more you realise this, the more you appreciate the value you bring to this world and the people that love you, the easier it will be for you to continue on your weight loss journey.

I want you to LIST 10 THINGS that are GREAT about you today….

I will start here are mine:-

1.)  I am a loving and supportive wife and have an amazing marriage.

2.)  I am a devoted mother and would do anything for my children to have a good life and good opportunities.

3.)  I am a loving daughter and have a lovely relationship with my Mum.

4.)  I love my work and love helping and inspiring people to create their new you.

5.)   I love travelling and visiting new places

6.)  I am strong, no matter what life throws at me I will find a way to come back stronger for it.

7.)  I am an idea person, I always have lots of crazy ideas!

8.)  I am kind and generous to the people I love

9.)  I am highly motivated and determined when I put my mind to something

10.)  I love learning through books, courses and life experiences

[box type=”info” size=”large” style=”rounded”]TODAY’S MINDSET MONDAY TASK:  Please list your 10 things about yourself that you value.  You might find it hard.  The harder you find it, the more you NEED to do it. You need to come up with 10 things today! I really want to see everyone taking part in this task.[/box]

Take Part Today to Win Prizes!

I will be picking a winning comment (I know already this will be super hard!! LOL 🙂  Winning comment will win TRIO OF WATER FLAVOURINGS!  All comments today will go into the prize draw for the 50 shakes and accessories tomorrow! 🙂  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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10 Responses

  1. Elena says:

    The scales is definitely just a number. The more weight I’ve loss the less obsessed I’ve been with the scales because now the victories come from being able to look in the mirror and like what I see. It’s about being able to go shopping and picking out nice clothes…and not from the back of the rack where the largest sizes are kept. It’s about being able to run around & play with my kids. It’s about actually looking forward to going out and not feeling insecure about my size.
    I like myself again. No more self loathing. No more feeling ashamed. No more hiding away from society 😉
    I get compliments now on how well I look from people… The scales don’t tell me that lol!

  2. Anne McClure says:

    My 10 things I consider I am are similar

    I am a loving wife
    I am a loving Mummy to my children and my hairy weans.
    I am a loving Nana
    I am a loving Sister
    I am a loving Auntie
    I am a loving Friend
    I was a loving daughter and miss my mummy and daddy every day.

    I will go to the enthe degree to help people if I can.
    I have been all sizes from a 10 to a 28 so GET IT….we are STILL the same person…no matter the body suit we’re wearing.
    I am blessed to be able to be all of the above with the wonderful people I have in my life to share this journey
    I am grateful to having discovered NY as it has given me the tools to take control of my weight for the first time in my life.
    oops……blowing my own trumpet here but yes we are more than a number on the scales or the number on a clothes label…..luckily for me I married a man who loved me for ME I was at least 16st when we met……now as the weight is coming off feeling a bit more confident on his arm, albeit he always made me feel beautiful…’s hard and I think it is down to the individual what weight or size YOU are comfortable with…..good luck everyone today….as we all know…it’s one meal and one day at a time on this journey, and how lucky are we to have this amazing wee family of support…..<3 <3 <3

  3. melody norris says:

    I am a proud, loving mother
    I am a super nanna
    I am loyal and caring
    I am a great friend
    I never turn a drama into a crisis
    I am empowered
    I am creative
    I am loved
    I am happier
    I am strong willed and ( can be ‘ bolshy ‘)

    in essence : I AM WHAT I AM ……I HAVE NO ILLUSIONS 🙂

  4. DeedeeM says:

    Ten things I value about myself are ..
    Because of my children, I am patient, tolerant and can love unconditionally
    Because of my husband, I am loyal dependable and confident
    Because of my parents, I am full of life and energy
    Because of my siblings (5) I am considerate
    Because of my friends, I am a good listener and love easily
    Because of my Nursing , I am kind, caring and good to be around in an emergency 😉
    Because of my teaching, I am smart and have a love to help others learn
    Because of my disability, I am empathic and determined
    Because of my life this far, I am humble, forgiving and full of positive energy..
    Because of the New You plan, I’m gonna have a smokin hot figure !!! Lol..

    We become who we are because of those we meet on our journey.. I value it all..
    Great idea for today.. Made me smile just thinking of all I have to be grateful for !!

    Dee x

  5. Jilly Richards says:

    I am awesome to the power of 10 !!!!

  6. Catherine says:

    10 things that are great about me today!
    1. I am a great wife who is adored by my husband.
    2. I am a really good daughter and sister.
    3. I support a lot of people (some without their knowledge).
    4. I am valued for my opinion and knowledge.
    5. I am a good friend ( despite not being good at contact!)
    6. I am very funny! (I’m not the only one who thinks that!)
    7. I am generous with my time and my “stuff”.
    8. Today, I have been very efficient throughout and achieved a lot.
    9. I am happy to have been humbled by a lot of the people that I have met online through The New You Plan.
    10. Through my work I have helped an awful lot of people.


  7. Julie o sullivan says:

    I know I am more than the number on the scale

    1 . I am always thinking of others before ME
    2. My husband is my best friend
    3. Having 2 teenagers try’s my every need to have patience
    4. I love Home, and I love making A Home for my husband and 2 kids
    5. I come from a big family , I live to stay in touch with them all
    6. I know now I am doing this diet for me , because I know I will be one happy person when I am thin
    7. I am a good friend to have , even though I know all our lives are busy , it’s good to catch up
    8. My life works around my kids and husband , they are my life and my soul
    9. 21 yrs of marriage in sep. Would do it all again,
    10. I love to help someone in need , if I can make them happy I am happy

  8. Clairey says:

    1. I love my family, they are part of me and make me smile
    2. I love being a scatty blonde who laughs a lot
    3. I love meeting up with friends who I haven’t seen for weeks and having a good old girlie catch up.
    4. I love my job, coaching others to help them see their potential
    5. I love going camping, the fresh air and peacefulness, back to basics and of being away from the hi tech world we live in
    6. I love my cat who I spoil and treat as my only child
    7. I can’t wait for autumn so I can kick my feet through the masses of fallen leaves whilst out walking
    8. I’m secretly counting down the days to Xmas so I can decorate my home, play Xmas tunes and it’s the one day where I can wear a jumper with an outrageous pattern without feeling silly
    9. I love my husband and think how lucky I am to share my life with him
    10. I love the plans I have for the future and I’m determined to make sure they happen 🙂

  9. Tammyann says:

    1) I survived a major hemourage 3 weeks after my 2nd son was born and beat depression because of it
    2)I have lots of children who have done well because I gave them a good start and education
    3) I provided a good and stable home and life for my children after we lost everything we had through divorce
    4)I am good at my job and put in 100%
    5)im a good wife to my amazing husband
    6)im kind, thoughtful and a great listener
    7) im a super cool nan
    8)im a strong women who can get through anything
    9)I am a loyal friend
    10)I am a good mother,sister,wife and daughter and im always there for them at any cost, I don’t let anyone hurt the people I love

  10. Fiona Morear says:

    1 – I am strong willed, just ask my husband 😉 lol
    2 – I am thoughtfull, I try not to upset people
    3 – I am clever, it’s all relative but I do have quite a logical mind (when the emotions don’t get in the way!)
    4 – I am caring, I would do whatever I can for those I love
    5 – I am committed, I do not run away when things get tough
    6 – I am fun, although my work colleagues may not agree 😉
    7 – I am organised, I sort most of the spa days & the parties with friends 😉
    8 – I believe that everyones choices are their own and you cannot judge as you are not them and have not followed the path they have that has led them there.
    9 – I love spending time with animals, they dont care about the packaging just the care you give.
    10 – I am lucky – all in all I have a great life and I feel really lucky to have found this group!!!!


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