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Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

Do You Want to Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017?

Be the Face of The New You 2017 and experience a VIP makeover with travel expenses paid, personal styling session, a new outfit, professional makeup & hair, photoshoot with outfit changes and framed photo of you at your goal weight!


Losing weight takes determination, inspiration, courage, discipline, and strength!  We want to motivate you and reward you!  You can create a jaw dropping transformation with the new you plan diet meal replacements, and we want to help you celebrate reaching your goals weight!

To give you a little insight into just how AMAZING this prize is, and how it had a massive impact on four ladies lives, we wanted to share with you just a few of the highlights from last year’s shoot!

We flew Dawn, Maria, Emer & Jasmin over to Northern Ireland for a full day’s photo shoot, complete with style advice and a make-over. Watch the video below to get a sneak peak behind the scenes of the day.



Emer lost 11 stone

Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

 “When I was asked to do a photo shoot I was thrilled. It’s every little girls’ dream to do a photo shoot and to look really pretty so when Julz asked me to do it I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t wait. I came over last night and we’ve had great craic. “At the photo shoot today I’ve been like a kid in a candy store, trying on so many clothes. And my hair and make-up – it’s just all an amazing experience and definitely worth every second of TFR I’ve gone through. The New You family is so supportive – it was second nature to come over and do this today.”


Dawn lost 6 stone

  Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017   “I was very honoured to be invited to Portadown to do The New You Plan photoshoot. I never go anywhere so I was blown away to be asked. I was uncontrollably nervous and scared but was put at ease by how informal and friendly everyone was. Having my hair and makeup done was fabulous, especially as I don’t usually wear makeup. It was an amazing experience that I will treasure forever! Meeting the other ladies made my time there all the more enjoyable!”


Jasmin lost 7 stone

  Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017   “This year has culminated in this amazing experience of being invited over here to Belfast in Ireland to Julz’s house. I can’t tell you how excited I felt for the weeks building up to it. We’ve had our photographs taken wearing the most amazing outfits and we’ve had our hair and makeup done. And to have met people I’ve been talking for ages. It’s just really great camaraderie with everybody. I had such a blast. There’s a family feeling to New You.”


Maria lost 3 stone

Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017 “The photo shoot was probably the weirdest and best experience I have ever had. This isn’t the run of the mill for me. I wonder how one day I can be sitting in a bank and it’s a lot different standing here posing. I feel like Madonna! Good day. BRILLIANT day! Trying on the clothes was amazing. I was absolutely delighted going through rails and thinking: “Oh look at that!” It was amazing.”


Want to know how you can have this amazing photoshoot experience?

Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

If you want to take part in the transformation #makeover photo shoot prize, signing up couldn’t be easier!

Simply take a before photo with the #IAMIN poster that you will get in your New You diet box and then in December send in your AFTER photo! What an amazing Christmas Gift to give yourself, a slim healthy happy new you, and the chance to win a VIP Makeover with New You in February 2017!


Win a VIP #MAKEOVERPRIZE & Be The Face of New You 2017

* This photoshoot will take place over a weekend in February 2017 in Belfast. The winner will be announced in December 2016.  The winner will be decided by The New You Plan.  The prize will include all travel and hotel expenses to Belfast, a personal style session and a new outfit, a makeover and a photo shoot. Terms & conditions apply. 

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19 Responses

  1. Ann mc Geown says:

    I desperately need some help to finally loose weight after every diet I have tried has failed. Since having my twin girls 6 years ago the weight has piled on me and I went from a size 10 and am now currently a size14-16. I wish I had the time to prepare and cook all these calorie controlled meals at home but unfortunately I don’t. I would love to try out the new you plan as it seems to be very straight forward with proven results. I live in Lurgan and would love to be the local face in your campaign.

  2. Caroline McCrea says:

    I have struggled with this weight gain the last few years through work stress, death, broken engagement and illness.
    I would love to finally complete my weight loss journey with New You for a New Me who has a healthy happy future ahead. Thank you.♡♡♡

  3. Katrina says:

    I’ve struggled with my weight for years but now is the most crucial time for me as I’m on the highest dose of diabetic medication I can be as a type 2 before becoming insulin dependant. It’s make or brake for me now and I feel The New You Plan is the plan that can and will help me.

  4. Martine Boyce says:

    After my last child (no 6) 8 years ago I ballooned to a size 20. Took 6 years to lose weight down to a14/16. Now I’m up at a 22 and 16st 4. I’m goingto Spain on holiday with my 4 youngest on Wednesday and starting my plan then. I intend to lose 2.5 stone by 7 August so I can go to my nieces wedding. Here’s hoping ladies and gents.

  5. Liz Maguire says:

    Started on Monday after 6 years of piling on weight and ignoring it! Blamed my baby belly but he’s now 7yrs old! LOL! Saw a picture of myself at the weekend and was horrified, I knew I was overweight (by about 2 stone) but I was disgusted and decided this is THE YEAR! I’m not going through another summer of feeling bloated and not being able to wear half the clothes in my wardrobe…I do love exercise but that is often discarded as I struggle with fitness because of extra weight…I’m on day 3 and struggling- feel tired, irritable and have a headache!

  6. Mandy Bradley says:

    I am 57 struggling with my weight as I have an underactive thyroid
    I am reluctant to buy new clothes therefore I end up wearing the same things week in week out. I would love some help as my self esteem and my confidence register zero. I am desperate for help.

    • Grant Grant says:

      Thank you so much for posting Mandy 😀😀 – we have all been where you are and the tug of war that happens over what you want and the way you feel. It really is time to take control and break the cycle of events that have you feeling this way. Take a moment with your GP and find out if they are happy for you to undertake this plan. Once you pass this step then the team and I will be here to help you design your diet to get the best results for you. I have already emailed you details from our [email protected] email address to let you know about the plan and where we go from here. I look forward to helping you smash your goals and feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

  7. I would love to lose about 3 stone I struggle with my weight and can’t seem to shift those pounds help me please thank yoy

    • Julz Julz says:

      Hey, you will be able to shift that weight easily and before Christmas with our simple meal plan! You will not feel hungry, and we have over 40 meal options! If you could reach out to one of our team call us on UK 02838330720 or email [email protected] – and we will help you to get started. There is a 100% money back guarantee, so you have noting to lose! I cant wait to support you in our facebook group. Love Julz x

  8. jayne Morris says:

    I am in would love a make over after the year I have had gives me an incentive. 3 st to my first target. Time to smash this again x

  9. Stephanie r says:

    Oooh, im in too!! Would love a proper makeover and a wee day out. Haha. Xxx

  10. Michelle Maher says:

    I would love a make over, by February I should have lost 6 and a half stone x

  11. Lindsay Partridge says:

    Having put on 2 stone when I was going through breast cancer. I have struggled to get the weight off, I am working hard but seem to be getting no where, a new approach like the new you plan is worth a go.

  12. Triona Mc says:

    Im just coming to the end of my new you journey…can I still enter as I am refeeding next week?

  13. Namita says:

    I would like to do this as i have pilled upso much weight after my second baby. She is 22months old nw and I had been trying so hard to lose weight My target would be 5stones.

  14. Lynn Stoneman says:

    I would love to win a make over x

  15. peter baines says:

    any update on this amazing opportunity as december has come and gone???? xx

  16. Rini says:

    I’m struggling with my diet. I’m on my 5th day . I have long way to
    go.Please help me