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Julie-Ann Muldoon 

Founder of the New You Plan 

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The New You Plan was founded by Julie-Ann Muldoon, who has personally lost over 100lbs following her own meal plan. Julie-Ann’s plan is such a success that dieters from across the UK & Ireland have consumed over 1 million meals to help them achieve astounding results in an easy, fun and motivating way. Take this fun quiz to find out what type of diet you need to go on to achieve your weight loss goals in a fun and easy way that suits your lifestyle and goals! Please take note on your answers whether you are selecting A or B.

1) How Much Weight do you have to lose? large (3)

a) Under 2 Stone

b) Over 2 Stone

2) How upset are you with your weight?

a) I am okay but I would like to be Healthier ?

b) I feel sad ?

3) Has your weight ever stopped you socializing?

a) No

b) Yes I feel so uncomfortable

4) How fast do you want to lose weight? 

a) Slow & Steady ??

b) Fast & Exciting ??

5) Do you lead a busy lifestyle? 

a) No

b) Yes

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6) How would you describe your current diet?

a) Cook from fresh mostly

b) Quick meals & Takeaways

7) Do you have difficulty controlling your portion sizes? 

a) No

b) Yes

8) How much time do you have to prepare meals? 

a) A lot of time

b) None

9) How much do you love cooking? 

a) Love it ??

b) No passion for it ??

10) Would you be able to give up alcohol for a period of time? 

a) No

b) Yes

Fantastic you have answered all the questions above, please now click on the option that suits your answers below.




If you would like to know more information please contact us and we will get back to you ??

Tel UK: 028 38 330 720

Tel ROI: 048 38 330 720 (local rate)

Tel Overseas: 0044 28 38 330 720

Email: [email protected]

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2 Responses

  1. pauline mc givern says:

    fast focus for me

  2. Nicola r says:

    I was all b’s except I do enjoy cooking. My result was fast focus which I’m currently doing. Its all good 🙂