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[Post Your Weigh In] June Weight Loss Challenge 2017

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June weight loss challenge

Update Your Weekly Weigh In Results In Our June Weight Loss Challenge For Your Chance to WIN £600 Worth Of Amazing Prizes!

Prizes include:

✔ Spectrum Make-up Brushes set

✔ Fitbit [CLAIMED]

✔ Fitbit Smart Scales  [CLAIMED]

✔ NutriBullet 600

✔ Fire HD 8

✔ 1 Month New You Plan Bundle [CLAIMED]

This thread is for UPDATING your weekly weight loss on your weigh in day! Please scroll to the comments section below and enter your name and weight loss for the week!

If you haven’t already registered, please check out the blog post here for your chance to win next week.


Our June weight loss challenge is now started and will continue throughout the month, with the leaderboard being updated every Sunday, and the prize draw taking place each Monday. Keep you eyes peeled in Secret Slimmers for our video announcing the winner!

So make sure you update your weight loss on the same day you get on the scales! WOOHOO!


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400 Responses

  1. susi Wigham says:

    lost 3lbs

  2. Laura Spence says:

    I have lost 3 lb of my 10 lb goal for June 🙂

  3. Sharing E says:

    2lb for me. 👏👏👏

  4. Kirstein O'Sullivan says:

    2 1/2lb this week

  5. Marieta says:

    I lost 3 lbs

  6. Jo perkins says:

    I want to loose 14lb

  7. Amanda L says:

    June Week 1 – 4lbs loss

    Well done everyone

  8. Natalie Dunn says:

    Hi, I have lost 3lbs this week thanks x

  9. Gwen says:

    Only 1/2 😭😭😭😭

  10. Stephanie B says:

    4.5lb off for me this week xxx

  11. Jayne B says:

    2.8lbs loss for me this week.

  12. Hannah j says:

    2lbs this week….must try harder! 😁

  13. Catherine B says:

    Started on 1st June, first weigh in today (7th June) and I’ve lost 10lbs 👍

  14. Robyn says:

    6 lbs loss for this week. 👍

  15. Gillian H says:

    3.2lbs for me this week.
    The 0.2 is very important!!! 😜

  16. Val Mulraney says:

    First weigh in of June Challenge – 4 lbs off

    Woop woop 🙂🙂

  17. Annette says:

    June challenge first week: 3.5lbs off.

  18. Sabrina Howe says:

    6lbs loss 😱

  19. Debs White says:

    I have lost 3 lb this week x

  20. Hele-Kai Valtenberg says:

    -5.3 lbs loss for me 🙂

  21. Laura Kelly says:

    5lb loss for me…

  22. Deborah Pfeffer says:

    5lb down!

  23. Sara Johnston says:

    2lbs off on refeed! Yay!

  24. Urszula L says:

    4.4lb 😄

  25. Lynne Griffith says:

    So happy 11lb lost so I’ve already beat my challenge of 10lb 🙂 x

  26. Sue Mckie says:

    2 lb for me this week which takes me into the 11 stone bracket – 12 weeks on the plan so off for two weeks re-feed now x

  27. Jackie M says:

    Weigh day Monday. 0lb down xx

  28. Sarah Bonham says:

    1.75lbs lost this week for me (8th June)

  29. Gemma S says:

    Gemma S week 1 and 6lb loss

  30. Keri Berry says:

    Lost 7lb.
    I don’t seem to be on the list though?
    Thankyou x

  31. Yvonne O says:

    Lost 3.5lbs, pleased with that.

  32. Olive K says:

    Came back from my holidays on the 31st of may and have lost 9.5lbs since. Am delighted 😁

    • Hi Olive, that is amazing. Can I ask you to go to the registration page on the blog and post your weight loss goal for June please lovely, and what your weight loss is for this week then I can get you on the leader board. xx

  33. Mary Hurley says:

    Week 1 day 6 18.5lbs of my 30. X

  34. Jennifer says:

    Week one weigh in .,
    So delighted with 9 lb

  35. Clare neilson says:

    Very happy 5lb down in my first week. Whoop whoop!

  36. Christina S says:

    3 off for me this week.

  37. Claire Saxton says:

    4lb loss after a ‘no-loss’ weigh-in last week – yay! 🎉

  38. Hilary says:

    Down another 4.9lbs this week!!

  39. Nicky Evans says:

    Week one done and 7.8lbs all gone 😍

  40. Tract says:

    Week 1 9lb down

  41. Tracy morgan says:

    Week 1 9 lb down

  42. Julie richards says:

    3lbs for me. I am really pleased with that. X

  43. Gail H says:

    Lost 3.1lbs – almost into the 10 stone bracket!

  44. Tracy H says:

    Had a week off, holiday. So nothing this week. Start again on Monday. xx

  45. Haley Hunter says:

    I lost 3lbs this week

  46. Emma Jacks says:

    I’ve lost 6lbs this week hun. Xx

  47. Joanne says:

    1 lb loss on weigh in day then next day 2 more lbs happy chappyyyy

  48. Lynn m says:

    Week 1 3lb off

  49. Shirley b says:

    I would love to lose a stone

  50. Shirley b says:

    Total lost since 1st June 10lbs 😊

  51. Sarah April says:

    5lbs off for me this week…

  52. Gail Coppin says:

    A wonderful 5 1/2 lbs lost! Whoo hoo.

  53. Roisin McCamley says:

    I’ve lost 2.5 lbs

  54. Kamila says:

    I started in the beginning of May. So far lost 13 kgs. My target for June is 7 kgs. I don’t mind if there will be more 😋

  55. Tina Jennings says:

    I’ve lost 4lb in the last 4 days

  56. Ushma Akhtar says:

    Can I still Join the challenge,?

  57. SoniaM says:

    Wk 1 – 2lb

  58. Shona hall says:

    3 off for me this week…
    On refeed yay xx

  59. Jasmin says:

    8 lbs gone since beginning of June 😊

  60. Amanda says:

    I lost 2 pound this week

  61. AudreY hoskins says:

    Lost 6pounds just trying it out now nexct more Buddle’s may I said drinks crisps bars all fantaic

  62. Michelle Maher says:

    Hi forgot to add my weight last monday- week 1 I lost 3lb xx

  63. Pauline mc givern says:

    3 lbs off this week xx

  64. Alva says:

    8lb loss this week.👌🏼

  65. Ruth Murdoch says:

    Week 7 – weight loss was 2.2lbs for me … slow but steady 🙂

  66. Leonore O says:

    2lb loss this week – total loss 3 stone 9 lbs

  67. Jenn honan says:

    5 pounds off!

  68. Amanda L says:

    June week 2

    Loss of 2.4lbs

  69. Nicola Robinson says:

    10lb down this week. 4lb more to reach my June target:)

  70. Wendy O says:

    Only 2 lbs this week unfortunately.

  71. Sheena says:

    1st week 6.3 lbs!!!!! Very happy unicorn 🦄

  72. Reet Taekema says:

    2 lbs lost this week 🙂

  73. Adedayo K says:

    Better late than never. Lost 3lb

  74. Caroline foley says:

    4 lbs

  75. Alison Gibson says:

    Not sure if my message sent.
    Jut in case

    Starting weight 12st June 7th
    June 12th 11.12 ( 2lb loss)

    4lb loss target this week. 😁

  76. Louise Pickford says:

    Week one lost 8 pounds

  77. Jackie M says:

    Week 2 weigh in. 2.5lb down.

  78. Jane Gibson says:

    4lbs for June so far xx

  79. Jennifer says:

    Hi,my first weigh in since I have been on plan and I have lost 8.5lb. Made up 🎉

  80. Sarah says:

    Lost 4.6lbs of 14lbs target 🎯

  81. Stacey says:

    Hi Candida,

    I’m not on the list 🙁 and I’ve lost 5lbs on Week 1 🙂

  82. SoniaM says:

    This wk 1lb

  83. Rachel mccririe says:

    Lost 9lb this week x

  84. Lynda McKenzie says:

    I couldn’t find the link last week. It was 4lb for me last week👍

  85. Sara Johnston says:

    Gutted! Gained the 2lbs I lost last week! Now back on TFR after refeed and still needing to lose 10lbs 😭😭😭

  86. Kirsten says:


  87. Iren V says:

    Week 1 – lost 4lbs. Woop woop!

  88. Hele-Kai Valtenberg says:

    -2.2 lbs for me, please 😀

  89. Sharon E says:

    1lb loss

  90. Marieta says:

    I lost 8 lb this week.

  91. Annette says:

    6lbs gone this week!!! I am over the moon!!

  92. Michelle Guthrie says:

    Week one 5lb week two 1lb =total 6lb lost. Target 14lb.

  93. Val Mulraney says:

    ONE POUND THIS WEEK – not earth shattering, but better off than on 😊 Xx

  94. Lynne Griffith says:

    Week 2 and 2lb off x

  95. Sue Mckie says:

    On first week of refeed so only a 1lb for me x

  96. Sarah Bonham says:

    3.75lbs lost this week, making 5.5lbs so far for June and in the 11’s at last!

  97. Gillian H says:

    Week 2 – 2.8lbs lost.

  98. Lesley Hanna says:

    “”Woohoo”” what a great start I lost 10lbs this week….can’t believe it.. now to keep on track for next week No one gonna take this smile off me this week 😀😀😀

  99. Lynne p says:

    14 lbs lost xx

  100. Claire Saxton says:

    1lb lost – not much but better than 1lb on!

  101. Robyn says:

    4lbs this week woohoo 🎉 Was struggling before but this has restarted my enthusiasm. Thank you. 😘

  102. Shirley b says:

    5 lb loss this week…😀😀

  103. Gail Hopley says:

    Rounding off a truly awful week – no loss. Stayed the same 🙁

  104. Gail Coppin says:

    Devastated to have stayed the same this week. 😩 Not happy bunny. Still that’s behind me now, onwards to a good loss next week.

  105. Amanda L says:

    So a slow week, but still a loss of 0.2lbs
    I did blip with sausages, but nothing else…
    onwards and downwards xx

  106. Natalie Dunn says:

    Hiya! Almost forgot to update! I lost 3lbs this week, thanks 🙂

  107. Pauline mc givern says:

    2.5 lbs off this week whoohoo. X

  108. Nicola Robinson says:

    3lbs down this week. Total is 13lbs loss. 1lb to go until I reach my June target. Feeling delighted xcxxx good luck everyone

  109. Sarah April says:

    My second week loss for June was 5lbs

  110. Lindsey Power says:

    Lindsey Power loss 7lb. Woohoo.

  111. Lynda McKenzie says:

    3lbs this week👍

  112. Jayne charlesworth says:

    Weight loss of 7 1/2 lbs this week

  113. Marieta says:

    Week 2 I lost 8lbs.

  114. ADEDAYO K says:

    Weight loss this week 2lb.

  115. Catherine B says:

    Started on 1st June:
    7th June – 10lbs (Total 10lbs)
    10th June – 4lbs (Total 14lbs) – swapped to saturdays
    18th June – 6lbs (Total 20lbs) – not able to weigh on saturday

  116. Ruth Murdoch says:

    Lost 1.8 lbs this week

  117. Ari J says:

    3lbs for me

  118. Stefania Rossetti says:

    First weigh in after refeeed and Ive lost 7.5lbs. Weight loss goal for June was 10lbs.

  119. Jane Gibson says:

    5lbs gone this week xx

  120. Jennifer says:

    It’s bittersweet for me today …
    I lost 5lb in my week 2 which is great, however if it hadve been half a pound more I’d have been on a stone lost in 2 weeks and target met. Oh well I’m sure I will make it next week!

  121. Jackie M says:

    Not very happy to say that this week is +3 due to being away and bullied in to having things I didn’t want, just to keep the peace xx

  122. Tracy H says:

    7lb off this week. woohoo xx

  123. Sarah says:

    3lbs lighter this week 👍🏻

  124. Kirsten says:

    Week 2 – 5lbs

  125. Emma Jacks says:

    Hi hun… can you please update me for 2lbs loss for second weigh in last Friday. Had a house of sickness and totally forgot to update. Weigh in 3 will be this Friday xx

  126. Michelle Toak says:

    5lbs off week ending 11th June

  127. Sharon E says:

    -2lb for me this week. Yay!! Xx

  128. Hele-Kai Valtenberg says:

    -4.2 for me this week, please 🙂

  129. John says:

    -4 this week

  130. Annette says:

    6lbs off today!!! O M G!!!! 🙂

  131. Val Mulraney says:

    I’ve lost a whole POUND 😊

  132. Caz Hardy says:

    1lb for me this week. Better than maintain last week 😉

  133. Sue Mckie says:

    Only 1lb off but that’s the end of my second week of re-feed done. Back on TFR today to get rid of the final 21lbs x

  134. Gillian H says:

    Week 3 – only 1.4lbs off – not a good week for me 😔 – but a loss is a loss is a loss! 😊

  135. Joanne O says:

    Week 2 5lbs loss

  136. Hope Francis says:

    12lbs – first week
    9lbs – second week
    8lbs – third week 😀

  137. Michelle Maher says:

    week 1 3lb week 2 4lb week 3 2.2lb

  138. Lynne Griffith says:

    Just a little 1lb off for me this week but still a loss so all’s good x

  139. Claire Saxton says:

    -2lb this week (just 2lb left to get me to target 💪)

  140. Hilary Bremner says:

    -2.4 lbs (actually 3.6 but had put 1.2 on last week so total for June so far is 4.9+2.4!!)

  141. Laura Kelly says:

    2 pound down, exactly 1 stone left to get to my goal, 4 weeks until my 40th…

  142. Lesley Hanna says:

    Hi guys
    Sorry I didn’t getting postings on here yesterday but was away all day but weight in this morning and woohoo another 5lbs off I just can’t believe it I actually thought I put weight on this week so delighted with myself I just can’t believe I 15lbs off already there’s no one’s gonna take this smile off me this week AGAIN 😁😁😁

  143. Nicky evans says:

    A big fat 0 lost this week (week 3). Hopefully ill lose enough next week to get me to my target stone.

  144. Stephanie S-B says:

    My first week — lost 11.5 lbs 🙂

  145. Emma Cartner-Young says:

    Week 1 on the plan = 11lbs off!

  146. SoniaM says:

    Wk 3 – 1lb

  147. Gail Hopley says:

    – 1.5 this week, nearly into the next stone bracket. Scales stuck on 11 stone now!

  148. Caroline foley says:

    7 lbs x

  149. Rozi says:

    Woooo lost 8lbs this week 😀

  150. Emily Kate Holmes says:

    5lb gone for good this week – whooooop whooooop x

  151. Nicola Robinson says:

    2lb off this week. 15lb in total so I’ve smashed my one stone goal 😁😁 very happy with that.

  152. Jayne charlesworth says:

    8 1/2 lbs off this week

  153. ADEDAYO K says:

    2.2lb loss this week. Dragging but moving.

  154. Tracey hustings says:

    My June loss goal was 23 lbs which I have already smashed this week lost 11lbs.

    Setting new target is like to loss another 15lbs by the end of June

  155. Robyn says:

    Very disappointed with myself this week, I’ve put on 2lbs. Thank you. X

  156. Catherine B says:

    Started on 1st June:
    7th June – 10lbs (Total 10lbs)
    10th June – 4lbs (Total 14lbs) – swapped to saturdays
    18th June – 6lbs (Total 20lbs) – not able to weigh on saturday
    25th June – 1lb (Total 21lbs) – different scales as unable to get to Boots

  157. Lindsey Power says:

    0 loss.

  158. Katy says:

    June weigh ins so far

    10th- 6lb
    17th- 3lb
    24th- 3lb

  159. Ruth Murdoch says:

    I wondered why my name has disappeared from the June list. I posted my weight loss for both weeks (2.2lbs & 1.8lbs)
    My weight loss for w/c 18th June is 3.6lbs. Hope you can put my name back on the list. Thanks. xxx

  160. Stefania says:

    My name does not seem to be on the list but I lost 7.5lbs last week and 4.1lbs this week a total of 11.6lbs. June goal was 10lbs! So happy with that!

  161. Pauline mc givern says:

    2lbs this week x

  162. Pauline my givern says:

    2 2 lbs off

  163. Jackie M says:

    0lb this week. Thing the scales are broke 😉

  164. Carol Muwaniri says:

    Im in- Id love to lose 3lbs by friday.
    Looking forward to july competotion to aim for bigger loss…

  165. Jennifer says:

    Week 3. 3lb down taking me to a total of 16.5lb in June and achieving my goal for June 🎉

  166. Karen says:

    I have lost in first week this week 1st 3lbs. I have gone from 19.8 to 18.5. Can’t believe it

  167. ari junaid says:

    Cant see my name on the list but 4lbs this week x

  168. Hele-Kai Valtenberg says:

    -4.2 for me please.

  169. John says:

    -4 pounds
    Target for June was 1 stone–I killed it! (Wk1 7+wk2 5 +wk3 4+wk4 4)

  170. Annette says:

    1.5lb loss for me this week. Happy enough with that 🙂

  171. Val Mulraney says:

    3LBS off and into next stone bracket – woohoo xx

  172. Katy B says:

    Final June weigh in 5lbs off! So happy!

  173. Carol muwaniri says:

    Day 3 down 5.6 lbs 🙂

  174. Pauline mc givern says:

    Weighing in a day or two early for the end of the challenge 2.5 lbs off great being fully back on Tfr x

  175. Joanne O says:

    4lbs loss week three, total so far 18lbs! X

  176. Sue Mckie says:

    Week 4 and 3lb off – didn’t make my 10lb goal but not for want of trying. Still pleased with half a stone this month especially as two of those weeks I was on re-feed. Hoping by the end of July I can say I’m in the 10 stone bracket x

  177. Debi Reilly says:

    Started last week. Goal of 8lbs
    Have lost 10lbs

  178. Lynne Griffith says:

    3lb lost this week, so happy, that takes me into my next stone bracket 🙂

  179. Lucy kaur says:

    4lb. 3 yay!

  180. Barbara Ford says:

    Lost 14lbs so far in June YAY so got to my goal but one day to go lol x

  181. Lesley Hanna says:

    Hi everyone I’ve no weight off this week but I’m still gonna stay on the plan and hopefully will see some lbs off next week …..keep on the wagon everyone and it will pay off thanks 😃

  182. Claire Saxton says:

    4lb loss!!! Checked scale 4 times! Target smashed!!! 🎉💪😊

  183. Robyn says:

    2lbs off this week. Thank you x

  184. Emma Jacks says:

    Hi hun. Last weigh in for June challenge and 5lbs gone! 😀 so happy that’s 18lbs in total and smashed my target.. yeyyyyy! Can you update me on the chart for the final amount please xx

  185. ADEDAYO K says:

    3.5lb loss

  186. Jackie M says:

    Last weigh in for June. Down 1.5lb x

  187. Gail Hopley says:

    -1lb this week, into the 10 stone bracket for the first time in years. Interestingly it’s only 1lb but a full 1% bodyfat lost which is more than has hone over that past 5lbs!

  188. Caz Hardy says:

    2lb down this week

  189. Gillian H says:

    Final weigh in – down 4.8lbs! Really happy with that! 😍

    Just to let you know that my week 2 loss (2.8lbs) wasn’t recorded on the master list above. I did post it here on 15th June and Candida commented on my post. Thanks!

  190. Stephanie S-B says:

    Hi Candida — I’ve luckily lost 3 lbs this week (making it a stone in total since I joined the program).

  191. Carol K says:

    2 lbs down since yesterday 🙂

  192. Catherine B says:

    Started on 1st June:
    7th June – 10lbs (Total 10lbs)
    10th June – 4lbs (Total 14lbs) – swapped to saturdays
    18th June – 6lbs (Total 20lbs) – not able to weigh on saturday
    25th June – 1lb (Total 21lbs) – different scales as unable to get to Boots
    1st July – 4lbs (Total 25lbs)

  193. tammy arkinstall says:

    22lbs for june in total. 26cm lost too. super chuffed xxxxxxx

  194. Kirsten Wachs says:

    Week 3 lost 4.8lbs

  195. Shirley b says:

    5lb loss this week forgot to register my 2lb loss last week total loss for June 22lbs….8lb over my target

  196. Pauline mc givern says:

    Weighed in Thursday as I thought it ended but Weighed today my day 8 weigh in another 1.5 off woo-hoo x

  197. Ruth Murdoch says:

    Only 0.5lbs. for me this week. Bit disappointed 😕

  198. Nicky evans says:

    Just under 2lbs for me this week. Total weight loss for June 11.9lbs. Not quite the 14lbs I wanted but I’m really happy with it as I followed FF quite a lot of the time. 😍

  199. Arussa k says:

    Lost 3kg in my first week x