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New You Random Act of Kindness – Grant’s Surprise for Oonagh for her new found confidence*

*Results may vary. This is not a guarantee Oonagh the quiet and confident voice in The New You family: Ever since my interview with Oonagh I have been inspired by her as I have been able to watch her transform into a new, amazing more confident lady. I could not believe that a person with so much knowledge, compassion and success behind them could be so humble and reserved about their achievements.  This has not changed in the time I have known Oonagh but what has changed is her ability to travel out of her comfort zone to help others through her own success, success which she was previously almost […]

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New You Random Act of Kindness: Melissa Cooks Up a Treat for Dawn

In April I chose the WONDERFUL and INNOVATIVE New You Plan Masterchef – Dawn! Dawn truly deserved to be treated, as she has not only created some delicious and quirky recipes from The New You Plan TFR products for all of us in Secret Slimmers, but has also started her own YouTube channel to show us all how it’s done! I have personally benefited – as many of the Secret Slimmers community have – from using her recipes to keep myself on track when on the plan.  Her cookakes (made from TFR Oatmeal and TFR Hazelnut shakes) have staved off many a night time nibble craving, and don’t even get […]

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New You Random Act of Kindness: Melissa Pampers Pauline

  I was absolutely delighted with my RAK for March, as I chose someone who is not only very special to me, but to the whole Secret Slimmers community! Pauline is a constant source of inspiration and support to everyone – not only those following the plan, but also to the New You team members too.  She always posts her words of encouragement on our blogs, to slimmers when they are getting through tough moments and she is an utter delight to interact with daily. As Pauline is so incredibly positive and supportive of everyone else, I thought it would be just right that we at New You gave her […]

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New You Random Act of Kindness – Lisa surprises Joy!!

  I was so excited to pick one of our AMAZING New You customers for a RAK. I chose a lovely lady called Joy that inspires us all so much each and every day in our Secret Slimmers group. Each day for MONTHS she has shared words of wisdom & inspiring quotes to spur everybody on! 🙂 I chose a really pretty bunch of flowers to be delivered to her courtesy of Team NewYou 🙂 Its a pleasure to have watched this lady get to her goal weight with our plan and maintain her loss and still take the time to encourage others Here is a pic Joy shared with […]

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Random Acts of Kindness [1] | The New You Plan | VLCD / TFR

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014! To celebrate this day of LOVE, we at New You HQ have chosen to launch our new initiative Random Acts of Kindness! We LOVE all of our customers, and we want to show you just how much. As part of Random Acts of Kindness each month Grant, Ellie, Lisa and Melissa will each select a New You Plan customer to receive a bespoke treat.  This can happen at any time during the month, and can be anything at all from vouchers and gifts to experiences and days out and more. Watch our video below to see our very first Random Act of Kindness with Melissa, Ellie and […]

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