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1 Month Mission Summer Transformation Bundle

1 month mission

A month is such a short space of time. It’s gone in the blink of an eye and before you know it, we’re onto the next one. BUT, in New You Plan terms, BIG things can be achieved in the short space of just 30 days. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you dedicated just one month to yourself and YOUR transformation? No doubt, like many people, you started the year with the feeling that it was going to be YOUR year. But somehow, life just got in the way as it usually does, and here you are, five months into it, still waiting for that ‘perfect time’. Are your jeans […]

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6 Week WOW Summer Transformation Bundle

6 week wow

Are you fed up feeling fat and frumpy? Feel like you’ll NEVER lose weight and being at your ultimate dream size is just that… a dream? The fact is this… thousands of our customers have been in your shoes! They’ve tried every diet under the sun, but have never been able to stick at it or have hit that stage where they can’t seem to lose any more weight. BUT, the good news is that they found The New You Plan, and totally changed their lives in the process. And, now you can too! If you want fast, safe, exciting weight loss results, our 6 Week WOW Transformation Bundle will […]

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New You Plan Offer: 50 for £55 / 100 for £100

Top Up Your Stash For Less With £1 Meals New You Plan Offer! For many people, today is the first day back to work after the Easter break, and if you’re like us, you’ll probably be (secretly) a little glad! While, obviously, it’s great to have time with family and friends, these events are often marked with overindulgence, whether that be with food, alcohol or both. Plus, you probably spent hours sprawled out binging on the latest Netflix series, when you would usually be up and about, on-the-go and burning calories. But today offers the chance to not only get back to normality and embrace your usual routine, but it […]

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Chocolate Eggstravaganza: 90p Chocolate Goodies!

The countdown to Easter is on! In just a few days, everyone will be stuffing their faces with chocolate, which might seem like a great idea at the time. BUT, then the guilt sets in! We start thinking: “What was I thinking?” “Why did I sabotage all that good work?” And then you are hit with the realisation that it wasn’t worth it. That one minute of pleasure could be enough to un-do all your hard work, so why risk it? One of the things that customers love the most about our plan, is the fact that it doesn’t actually feel like a diet. How many diets can you actually […]

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Make March Marvellous: What’s happening at The New You Plan

Hello March – we have BIG plans for you! Spring will soon be here, quickly followed by Easter in April so now is the perfect time to reach for the stars, find that inner strength and get down and dirty with your New You journey. Today is the day to up your gain, commit to the plan and make March your month. Time is of the essence slimmers! You need to feel that sense of urgency to lose weight before the shops are full of gorgeous spring and summer clothes unless you are happy enough to be shrouded in layers?! Perhaps you are already fully committed and you can see […]

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March Madness Offer: Get All The Details

March Madness Offer: Let’s Make March Matter Together! Spring has officially sprung! The 1st of March marks not only the arrival of a new month but a new season, which is actually the perfect time to begin your New You Plan journey. If you think about it, spring is a season of rejuvenation. Animals come out of hibernation, trees turn a glorious shade of green, the birds begin to sing, flowers start to bloom and the days become brighter, longer and warmer. Not to mention we can stop hiding behind layers and the cocoon of that winter coat. It’s a joyous time of the year and one which is full […]

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{NEW BUNDLES} – 3 Bundles to help you Love Your Body!

LOVE YOUR BODY BUNDLES! With January now over we have finally reached the month of LOVE. This February we don’t want to only focus on the 14th but to focus on loving our bodies inside and out. Each one of us are different and we all have qualities that make us who we are. Being confident in our own skin now makes our weight loss journey easier to achieve. As you lose the weight you learn to love your body more and appreciate the work you have put in. Today marks the launch of 3 fantastic new bundles. The more products you buy the more you save (if you buy […]

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LOVEYOURBODY 40% OFF OFFER   January isn’t over yet and we have one last boost to make sure you are fully focused and on track all the way through until February. To help you out we have launched a special end of the month offer giving you an incredible 40% OFF all individual products as well as an extra exclusive 40% voucher with every order to be used in Feb or Mar! Our new ‘LOVEYOURBODY’ promotion is to help us end January strong and happy within yourself and to approach Valentine’s day with confidence! This is a limited time only offer so don’t miss out. The perfect opportunity to top up on all […]

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New Year New You 2017 – 3 Week Bundle!

Our New Year New You 6 week Bundle has been an all round success since it launch after Christmas. With fantastic free gifts, amazing savings and the opportunity to create your own personalised meal plan we wanted to make sure we provided you the best opportunity to hit the ground running and make 2017 your best year yet. To make January even more impressive we have now launched our 2nd New Year Meal and Gift Bundle but this time it is for 3 weeks! This is another brilliant opportunity to benefit from great savings and even more free gifts!! A lot can happen in 3 weeks, previous customers have managed to […]

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{ OFFER } End 2016 Strong – Start 2017 Right!

Drop a dress size before Christmas

The end is nigh.. can you believe we have reached the last month of 2016? Where has the year gone? Looking back over the year so much has happened us as a company, from celebrating our 7th Birthday to new staff and of course new customers. This time of year is a great time to reflect on past experiences and challenges you have overcome, a lot has changed in the last 11 months but the year isn’t over yet.. In 4 weeks we will ring in the New Year and tackle whatever 2017 has to throw at us but this month could be your stepping stone to starting the year how you […]

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