Ever felt trapped in a one-size-fits-all diet?

Break free and take control with the New You Switch Plan. Tailor your journey to your unique goals, whether it’s shedding those extra pounds or maintaining your ideal weight. We don’t just help you lose weight we help you keep it off, with our motivational support and helpful guides just like our FREE healthy eating guide.

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Here’s How:

Step 1: Determine Your Goal:

Weight Loss: Aim to shed extra pounds.

12-Week Break: Take a break after 12 weeks on the New You Total Plan.

Refeed: Transition back to conventional food after achieving your weight loss goal.

Weight Maintenance: Maintain your achieved weight.

Step 2: Choose Your Days:

Boost Days: Consume less than 800 calories to accelerate weight loss.

Nourish Days: Eat between 800 calories and up to your maintenance calories, focusing on foods you love.

Occasion Days: Plan in advance for special events or celebrations, allowing for indulgence without guilt.

Step 3: Choose Your Strategy

Weight Loss Strategy

Weight Maintenance Strategy

Re-feed Strategy

12 Week Break Strategy

Weight Loss Strategy:

🗸 Most days should be Nourish Days. Determine whether Simple Nourish or Relax Nourish works best for you.

🗸 Incorporate 1-2 Boost Days weekly.

🗸 Balance out Occasion Days with Boost Days.

🗸 Aim for at least one New You Sprint every quarter.

Weight Maintenance Strategy:

🗸 Aim for at least 2 Boost Days a week, but 3 or 4 will yield better results.

🗸 Balance out Occasion Days with Boost Days.

🗸 On Nourish Days, opt for a low-carb diet when possible.

🗸 Incorporate 1-2 New You Sprints every month for enhanced weight loss.

Refeed Strategy:

🗸 Begin with Balance Boost days.

🗸 Follow with Simple Nourish Days with low-carb meals for the same duration you were on the total food replacement.

12-Week Break Strategy:

🗸 Increase calorie intake to over 800 for 2 weeks.

🗸 Start with Balance Boost days, then transition to Simple Nourish Days with low-carb meals, aiming for 900-1000 calories.

🗸 If not keen on conventional food, use extra New You meals or protein snacks.

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