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21 Day Kick Start Bundle Save 45%

Plus: Healthy Eating Guide, Recipe Book, Ebook's and much more in our app…


Starts at Just £90

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Total Shakes

Delicious, thick and creamy shakes made in seconds.

Total Soups

Relax with our heart warming savoury soups.

Total Sweet Meals

From yummy pancakes to delicious porridge

Total Savoury Meals

Soul warming dishes for you to enjoy at any time of day

Total Meal Bars

Grab-and-go our New You Plan Bars for the perfect tasty treat!


High Protein Snacks

Crunch and munch your way to a happy, healthier, you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

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No Subscription or Tie In’s

Benefits of the
New You Plan

100% Healthy

Complete Meals, 4 packs meet all nutritional needs with up to 26 essential vitamins & minerals in each pack.

Do it your way

Choose from 60+ Meals and Snacks. Use as a complete meal plan or as part of a calorie controlled diet with New You Switch.

Motivating results

Following our plan enables to to creates big transformations in a short time.

No Hunger

Feel fully satisfied and energized, with plenty of fuel to power through your day!

Very Low Calorie

Following a Very Low Calorie Diet allows you to create a calorie deficit ensuring maximum weight loss while remaining healthy.

Great Tasting

For over 13 years we have specialised in creating the best tasting range with over 60 complete shakes, soups, meals, bars and snacks.

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Community Of Support.
Stories of Success!

“I feel absolutely amazing, people don’t recognise me now, I can fit into clothes that I last wore 30 years ago.”

Sarah had struggled with her weight for 27 Years until she found New You and has since lost over 10st. She can do so many things now that she couldn’t before; things that most people take for granted. Cutting and painting her toenails is a doddle and taking a leisurely walk doesn’t result in breathlessness.

-Sarah H.

"It’s completely changed my life. Within a few short months I look and feel like a different woman. The plan has given me my confidence back!"

Over the years, Leah’s weight crept up. Following a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue last year, she decided to do something about her weight. Here, she shares how the plan has completely changed her life

- Leah

Expect MORE From Your
Meal Plan

MORE Support, MORE Choices, MORE Fun, MORE Energy, MORE Self-Confidence, MORE Happiness, MORE Health, MORE Challenges, MORE Prizes, MORE Savings!






Save Money, Save Time

Start from as little as £1 Per meal and £4 Per day, with healthy nutritious meals made in less than 30 seconds

Simple, Tasty, Healthy, Fast

Our mission is to help you create the transformation you want without the hassle. Simple follow our 4x4 Philosophy:Choose 4 Great tasting meals & drink up to 4 litres of water per day.It's that simple...

TRY New You

100% Money Back Guarantee*

Experience The New You Plan for a full 30 days and discover the difference it makes. If you find any of our meals not to your satisfaction, our approachable team is here to help. We offer a hassle-free exchange or refund on your first order.*

*Terms and conditions apply.

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