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Here at The New You Plan, our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. We love everyone to get involved by sharing their experience, as not only will it make you accountable, but it also inspires others to stay on track and smash their goals.

So with this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can get New You Plan points for FREE! Check out these fun ways that you can get involved and diet for FREE!


At the beginning of their New You Plan journey, soooo many of our customers confess to being camera shy! But as the pounds drop off, their confidence gets a boost and before you know it, they LOVE being in front of the camera.

There’s no doubt that the first time you do it can feel cringy, but once you find your flow, you’ll be a pro in front of the camera. Plus, our customers LOVE watching other people’s videos and the feedback is always amazing.

If you fancy being the star of your New You journey, here’s some great ideas for videos that you can share in Secret Slimmers or on your own social media accounts.

  • Unboxing videos: Share the excitement with others as you open your beautifully packaged New You Plan box.
  • Product reviews: Love our Shakes? Can’t get enough of our Bars? Create a quick video talking about your favourite meals and snacks.
  • Daily summary: Tell us how you’re feeling, how your day on plan has gone and any tips for success that others might like.
  • Weekly weigh-in results: We’d love to see your reactions as you jump on the scales each week. Those BIG weekly losses will spur both you and everyone else on!


We LOVE seeing your beautiful selfies! Here’s some ideas for getting snap happy!

  • Selfie with products: Take a photo with your delicious Shakes, Bars etc. Bonus points for including the packaging too.
  • Branded accessories: Selfies with our branded accessories such as tees, Water Bottles, Shakes, etc.

Success Story Interviews

Our customers tell us time and time again that their biggest motivation for staying on track is when they see other people’s before and after photos and read their inspirational interviews.

If you’ve reached your goal, we’d LOVE to hear from you! Send us a before and after photo and your total weight loss to [email protected]. We will then get back to you with the questions, which you can write the answers to and send back, or we can conduct the interview by phone or video. Any interviews which we use on our website, will receive a MASSIVE £100 New You Plan points. Woohoo!!

Refer A Friend

Referring a friend to The New You Plan is one of the easiest ways that you can earn New You Plan points. There is no limit to the number of friends that you refer, so obviously the more you do, the more points you’ll receive.

Here’s how easy it is…

✓ Tell a friend about The New You Plan
✓ They enter your email as a referral when registering to place an order
✓ You both get £10 credited to your account*
*£10 credit is applied once your friend completes their first paid order

Easy ways you can let your friends know about The New You Plan & both get money off…

✓ Buddy up with a friend who wants to do the plan with you! 
✓ It won’t be long until people notice your results & ask how you did it so remember to give them your email
✓ If you’re sharing your story on social media, make sure you share your code 

Top Tips For Taking Good Photos + Videos

Taking a little time to think about your photos and videos will make the finished product AMAZING!

  • Clutter-free backgrounds: Keep your background tidy for great results.
  • Good lighting: Whether natural or artificial, good lighting makes all the difference for photos and videos. Light me up baby!
  • Full length before and after photos: These are perfect for showing the impact of your weight loss. Bonus points for taking your before and after photos in the same spot.
  • Good sound: We definitely want to hear your lovely voice 🙂
  • Include products: Show off our products for added style!

The Details…

If we use any of your videos, photos or interviews for marketing purposes (Facebook ads, social media, website, blog, emails etc), we will contact you to arrange your New You Plan points. We will never use your content without your consent.

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